Dragons and Bourbon NFT Series Launched in Liquid Craft


Windsor, Colorado currently has an ownership of Newsfile Corp.  Windsor, Colorado currently has an ownership of Newsfile Corp. The date for the new NFT forms is Oct 29, 2021.  It contains an exciting spin on the popular art trend. There are a series of handcrafted liquor-backed NFTs which have been released from the project Dragons and Bourbon. Windsor, Colorado, from Newsfile Corp. The new release of NFTs is scheduled for release in Liquid Craft on the evening of October 29th, 12:00 PM PST for presaleA series of handcrafted liquor backed NFTs called Dragons and Bourbon are released from the project. Liquid Craft will launch a unique collection of liquor-backed NFTs called Dragons and Bourbon on October 29th at 12. The NFT space is undergoing a complete marketplace for crafters who would like to have their own products available to sell on NFT. It was a severe situation impacted by the global pandemic and the subsequent drop in international tourism. Liquid Craft is launching their first liquor backed NFTs on October 29th at 12 PM. The launch of the project is the first step to achieving the project’s goal.  The result is misunderstanding and appreciation of fine liquors. The team at Liquid Craft has identified the pitfalls of both markets.



The Heart Distillery Bourbon NFT:

The Heart Distillery’s craft team produces this small batch bourbon, using locally grown and local ingredients. This limited edition NFT release guarantees an unmatched piece of authenticity that is unmatched anywhere. The launch on Oct 29th contains Dragons and Bourbon NFT. Two different tiers will be available at the launch.  One for the Binance Smart Chain, and the other for the Ethereum Network. To show appreciation to the first round of the project, airdrops and exclusive offers for buyers will be eligible for both tiers. Using blockchain and NFT, it aims to provide solutions to everyday problems currently facing the craft liquor industry. NFT’s are currently taking the world by storm.  Various use cases are provided in diverse sectors such as collectibles, music, etc. The heart distillery’s dedicated team of crafters has created a small batch bourbon using local and homegrown ingredientsThis ensures that this limited edition NFT release is backed by something that cannot be reproduced or found anywhere else. Digital art meets liquid art Each dragon and the Bourbon NFT which are on offer as part of the Oct 29th launch are backed 1:1 with anAs part of the launch, two separate tiers will be made available, one for the Binance Smart Chain and the other for the Ethereum Network. The first round of CRAFT token airdrops will qualify for CRAFT token airdrops and exclusive offers to buyers to show appreciation. Stories continues. They are each backed by a bottle of cask strength bourbon created by The Heart Distillery team using a combination of theirThe NFT collection is exclusive to this launch, it was created by the small batch supply and due to the limited number of bottles available, the NFTThe price of collectible liquors has steadily increased over the last decade which resulted in an increase over 500%In the past, the drinking investments were carried out using traditionally established methods, usually associated with physical assets. Brokers, auction houses, and intermediaries still face the same procedure. These formal process may create hurdles for potential investors at the initial stage of the acquisition process. First release holders receive token airdrops, exclusive offerings and automatic entry to future competitions. Generally speaking, the prevailing sentiment and the current market hype have been derived from the value. These digital art pieces are built on top of smart contracts and they work as a digital ledger. All transactions are kept in this ledger and cannot be altered.  Also, ownership of the digital asset is identified in this ledger. This allows the NFT to be collected, traded, gifted, sold and resold, with each transaction recorded and identifiable. A physical asset that is traded by mostly traditional means.  A physical asset that is traded by mostly traditional means. The standard procedure is outlined by intermediaries, auction houses, and brokers.



Hands Can Be Traded by the NFT Multiple Times:

The digital artwork piece can easily be redeemed by the current owner of the NFT for the physical product. Hands can be traded by the NFT multiple times, and can only be redeemed once. Liquid Craft has set the launch date for the Dragons and Bourbon NFT series to go live on October 29th. The NFT can be swapped for a physical product with a handover at any time. Hands can be traded by the NFT multiple times.  They can only be redeemed once.  All transactions and ownership details recorded by the smart contractLiquid Crafts is scheduled to release the Dragons and Bourbon NFT series on October 29th at 12 pm. NFTs are poised to be a significant future asset for many industries, especially in respect of individuality, speed, and security. The benefits of this blockchain technology in traditional markets make a difference. The team has set up a long term plan, this release is just a sample of what will happen over the next few months.