Dragons and Bourbon NFT Series Launched by Liquid Craft


The NFT Series was launched by Liquid Craft in Windsor, Colorado on October 29. On October 24, 2021, a new form of NFTs which include a fresh spin on the popular art trend is set to release. Dragons and Bourbon is the first release from the project.  The first set of NFTs features handcrafted liquors. Windsor, Colorado–Newsfile Corp.  was transferred to Active to Passive. For a presale on October 29th at 12 pm PST, and for public sale on October 31st at 12 pm PST, bothFirst releases from the project are a series of handcrafted liquor-backed NFTs, Dragons and Bourbon. The big day for Liquid Craft is fast approaching.  The release of our Dragons and Bourbon NFT series is locked in for presale onOur socials are full of excitement, and the team is also promoting in influential telegram groups with an AMA daily. Liquid Craft has created a new twist on two existing markets with our liquorbacked NFTs. Liquid Craft is developing a unique collection of liquor-backed NFT’s titled Dragons and Bourbon and will be released on OctoberThis is a new concept, and it is designed to become a marketplace in which international crafters can back up their own NFTs. The world was highly impacted by the global pandemic and international tourism declined due to it.



The Heart Distillery’s Crafters Create Small Batch Bourbon With Only Homegrown Ingredients:

The Heart Distillery’s crafters create small batch bourbon using only homegrown and local ingredients. This guarantees that this limited edition NFT release is backed by something that cannot be replicated or found elsewhere. The dragons and Bourbon NFT on offer at the Oct 29th launch are backed 1:1 with Liquid ArtTwo separate tiers will be made available as part of the launch.  One tier is for the Binance Smart Chain and the other for the EthereumBoth levels are eligible for CRAFT token airdrops and exclusive offers to purchasers to show appreciation for the first round of the project. Technology is provided by the craft liquor industry, in addition, NFTs a company with positive impact on multiple industries such as liquor. Only locally grown and local ingredients have been created by the Heart Distillery. It has something that is hard to replicate or find anywhere else. Digital Art meets liquid art, and each dragon and bourbon NFT on offer as part of the Oct 29th launch is backed by 1:1There will be two separate tiers available at the launch one for the Binance Smart Chain and the other for the Ethereum Network. For an appreciation to the first round of the project, it would be acceptable to receive airdrops of tokens and exclusive offers to buy items. The program NFTs has positive impacts on multiple industries and is intended to provide solutions for everyday problems that currently have an impact on the craft liquor industry. Because of the use of locally produced ingredients and the unique processes involved, you will be hard pressed to find another batch of this one anywhere else. The bouquet is silky and full, which has been described as masterful, with notes of oak, warm vanilla, and decadent caramel. This series has 750 available for each and that is released in separate tiers. I have one tier for the Ethereum Network and the other for the Binance Smart Chain, buyers of both tiers being eligible for exclusive offers andAll Dragons and Bourbon NFT series buyers will receive an airdrop of the Native Token $CRAFT. The team behind The Heart Distillery’s bourbon is backing a bottle in cask strength. This launch was made very special by the small batch supply. For collectors’ liquors, price have been growing consistently over the last decade, with increases of over 500%. Historically, liquor investment is undertaken by long established methods that are typically associated with physical assets. Intermediaries, auction houses, and brokers still follow the standard procedure. Traditional processes create barriers during the purchase process, with the additional need for an adequate transport and storage once acquired. NFTs created many opportunities, in many different industries, thanks to the smart contracts they are built into. In recent months, price and volume have soared. The most common use cases, are those being made available that are simply speculation.



The Digital Art Piece Can Be Redeemed by the Current Owner of the NFT for the Physical Product at Any Time:

Any time, the digital art piece can be redeemed by the current owner of the NFT for the physical product. The hand can only be redeemed once, so it is traded by the NFT several times. The launch is scheduled for Friday, October 29th, at 12 PM PST, hosted by Liquid Craft. Investing in marketing has taken place prior to the release. The digital piece can be redeemed by the current owner of the NFT for the physical product at any time. Hands can be traded by the NFT several times and can only be redeemed once. The added dimension of security is to ensure that the bottle is from a genuine crafter and is only changing hands one time, vs.  purchasingWe’re approaching the launch date on Oct 29th.  We’re preparing marketing and promotional material to coincide with the big day. October 29th is the launch date for the Dragons and Bourbon NFT series. In limited capacity, the initial mint is being created on the Ethereum Network and the Binance Smart Chain due to the small-batch supply. Current promotions are more intense in order to coincide with the launch on October 29th.