DeFi and NFT Daily Bits


In today’s DeFi and NFT daily bits, we look at some interesting developments in the industry over the past couple of years. Polkastarter Labs announced the very first project to be incubated. WonerHero is an RPG game which lets you play to earn. PolkaStarter’s network will receive pre and postIDO support, as well as mentorship, for marketing and scaling. Ripple attorneys filed a revised response to the SEC brief regarding privileged documents. One popular crypto analyst gives a reason why they should not give up on Ethereum, despite its recent struggles. Ethereum posted a decline of 23% from its high on exchange platforms, while its supply is diminishing. This shows that there is around three million less #ethereum on exchanges now than when the price was at its all time high. The best crypto projects still remain the best crypto projects in the space. It is no secret that the pioneer cryptocurrency has been quickly catching up with it. Blockchain decentralized finance (DeFi) uses have been the key contributor for this spaceThis has led to popular layer 2 solutions such as Polygon. Chainlink will be directing the $300,000 DeFi Hackathon in October. Registration is now open for the biggest ever hackathon, scheduled for next month.  Chainslink is hosting this for free. The event will occur over a number of weeks between October 22 and November 28. Chainlink is free and requires the submission of a few questions.



XDEFI Launches New Decentralized Financing Platform:

WOWSwap incorporates more innovation in DeFi and NFTs. XDEFI has secured $6 million in investor funding from names like Alameda, Sino, and CG. xDeFi is an interconnecting web program. It is a 0 wallet and it is interoperable with EVM compatible and nonEVM compatible chains like $BTC and $LTCMetamask will lose its dominance of these wallets, so they will grow. The amount of $2 is raised by Kokoa Finance. 3 Million Seed Round Kokoa Finance raised $2. a number of angel investors, including Sky Vision Capital and a41 Ventures, joined three million. The funds will be used to build the backbone of decentralized finance on Klaytn. The technology, Privacy-preserving, will be brought by Panther Protocol into the former’s ecosystem. Ripple is claiming the ex SEC director is not permitted. You can try being active or passive. You can go from active to passive. This market is a ticking time bomb. Earlier this year, a deflationary mechanism that burns Ethereum based on how many transactions are being processed by the network has been implementedThis method has lost ETH. Ethereum has seen nearly 170,000 tokens disappear from exchange platforms in the last seven days, with a total of 170,000 tokens. During a thirtyday span, seventeen million tokens were burned. In CoinGecko, the total amount of hands exchanged is $3,012 at the time of writing. A beat are not made by the Daily Hodl. Nailwal believes that blockchain is the leading layer 1 protocol and it is only a matter of time before it takes over. He credits this to a number of reasons and differences between the two blockchains. Bitcoin and Ethereum is moving from cold wallets, as part of China crackdown, and the DeFi Space will be expanding during an exclusive. Nailwal cites the expansion of the DeFi space as a major push for this takeover. This is because the majority of decentralized finance activities were carried out on Ethereum, making it the ultimate settlement layer. ETH became more valuable as a blockchain.  This position places it in the position to overtake the top cryptocurrency. Judges and speakers are from top protocols and blockchains, including Avalanche, Ethereum, Solana, etc. There will be additional sponsorship opportunities by the event with technology giants such as Google Cloud, Filecoin, and UNicef. The event details are a great place to learn all about the ins and outs of decentralized finance. There are two different tracks.  The welcome track for newbies, and the main track for veteran coders. The Welcome Track will be more relaxed and less competitive.  I will also watch people attending their first hackathon. The main track will feature a mix of advanced and more experienced tasks as well as educational materials. Anyone in the world could participateChainlink envisions a welcoming environment from all different backgrounds.



The Daily Hodl Daily DeFi Bits:

Following another partnership, Polygon was able to complete the resulting work. Panther on NEAR is deploymenting its privacy solutions, such as its Auroro EVM. In addition, Panther will bring interoperable privacy through its compliance friendly selective disclosure mechanism. These daily DeFi bits were brought to you in partnership with Momentum 6 VC and crypto marketing company. Turn from active to passive. I am aware that this website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, consent will be given to cookies that are being used by you. For more information on the privacy and cookie policy, please refer to our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Intending in highrisk investments in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies or digital assets should be undertaken by investors. Remember that all trades and transfers are at your own risk and all losses, losses and costs are your responsibility. The Daily Hodl is not an investment advisor nor does it recommend cryptocurrencies or digital assets. The price of the ETH rebounds over the $3,200 mark. The cofounder of Polygon does not believe the growing popularity of Layer 1 solutions. Layer 1 Solutions managed to retain a large share of the market despite the rise of the competition. Ethereum will likely hold the top spot in the market for the foreseeable future. Chainlink uses the industry standard oracle network for powering hybrid smart contracts. The developers are provided by ChainLink’s Decentralized Oracle Networks, with the largest collection of high quality data sources and secure off-chain computationsChainlink currently secures billions of dollars for smart contracts across the major industries of decentralized finance (DeFi), insurance, gaming, and more.