Deedcoin – The Real Estate Industry’s Best Friend


The immutability and traceability of blockchain technology will be leveraged by Innovative approach to improve efficiency, cost, and peace of mind for homeowners worldwide LasEZ365 is planning to join forces with the Toronto-based Matrix Mortgage Global to mint critical mortgage and real estate documentation in the future. Matrix Mortgage Global has won the Canadian Mortgages Inc.  award four times. You are invited to celebrate the launch of our new brand NFTzie. Com is currently being actively transferred by Com. That is what NFTzie is. com simplifies users’ journey into the metaverse. NFTzie was created to celebrate the new platform. We conduct an NFT Minting Competition with a prize of 1,000 USDT. How do you want to participate?Visit the NFTzie. Matt Herrick from Deedcoin is talking to us today from 59 minutes. Deedcoin discovered it was easy to understandDeedcoin saves an estimated 80 percent on Real Estate Commissions, or roughly 5 % of the total price of a property. Many Deedcoin coins are not used for payment for homes.



Deedcoin is Helping Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry:

Even more significant will be the benefits for other locations in which risk mitigation is more authentic. Moving mortgage documents to the blockchain is a step in the right direction and certainly will open the door to many other applications in the space. Realizing our vision requires a strong, credible partner with depth of NFT experience and capability. I would consider EZ NFT due to their professionalism, reputation and existing capability.  They are our ideal partner for this exciting endeavor. Korus, our CEO of Wee-Cig International, added that he is energized by the potential for our engagement with MatrBitcoin was accepted by Matrix for home down payment. They are now taking their leadership a step further by transitioning critical mortgage documentation to the blockchain. A maximum file size is ten megabytes. It is unacceptable to use a gif, animation, or image. The better your NFT is, and the more creative your chances, the better your chances of winning. The total prize of $1,000 USDT will be won by only one NFT/NFT collection. We check that all rights were owned by you, but you have never had any rights. Your cool and unique NFT is sent only by you.  Retweet the announcement for the NFTzie and PolkaCipherBest wishes to you, and be creative.  How do you submit your entry?This form can be refilled by filling out this form in order to have a valid entry. A standard commission rate would be 6%, that is $60 000 taken from your pocket using the old real estate system. Let us look into the same transaction with Deedcoin now. 83% is saved using Deedcoin, keeping $50,000 more in your pocket. For every $1,500 which is contributed, purchasers will receive 1,000 Deedcoin.  That’s $1. Each Deedcoin is 50. Deedcoin is helping revolutionize the real estate industry by enhancing our existing Deedcoin platform and national network of partnered localFor every 10 Deedcoin you will save 1% of the price of the property, up to a maximum of 5%. In this case, there is a flat 1% commission left for a licensed full real estate service. Deedcoin employs innovative technology that is supported by a patent pending system.



Wee-Cig International CorporationWee-Cig International Corporation:

If you need more information on Matrix Mortgage Global, visit About Wee-Cig International Corporation.  Wee-Cig International CorporationWee-Cig is constantly scouring the technology landscape to find the best investment opportunities and targets companies that capitalize on unique opportunities. The EZ365 Ecosystem will leverage the transparency and immutability of blockchain technology. This is based on the TRC network, so you may make payment as smooth as possible. PolkaCipher is hosting the NFT Minting Competition. The company reserves the right to cancel the promotion or amend its terms and conditions unilaterally without prior notification. A number of offensive NFTs about the team will be counted. You will receive approval to use NFTzie and PolkaCipher’s marketing material. The technology behind Deedcoin allows Deedcoin to give you the same local agents and service that you have come to expect. In just five minutes you can utilize Deedcoin’s online platform to achieve maximum savings. Deedcoin gives property owners power in the real estate market. The team behind Deedcoin is made up of licensed real estate agents. The first Deedcoin brokerage is already open.