CricketCrazy Launched


Ehsan Moravej won the bid for the replica of the world cup trophy in 1983 for a value of $110,000The opening hour sales recorded a staggering $185,000.  These items included a T-shirt and a payment of Dh678,950. The cricketing community built the blockchain platform in Singapore in April 2021. Its ecosystem partners include players, clubs, associations, game developers, and more. Moreover, there are 60,000 followers on social media. A market cap of over 200 million dollars was successfully listed on Indian and international crypto exchanges last week. Further need I mention, nonfungible tokens. Yes. The cricket ecosystem includes former superstars Wasim Akram, VVS Laxman and Lance Klusener. io is connected via io. The cricketing space is now set to be entered by the crypto currency. The cricket token, CRIC, was successfully listed on Indian and International crypto exchanges in the last week, with a market cap of over $200. Our Top 5 awards picks for the year 2021 have just opened to the public voting.



Io Received 50 Unique Moments From Cricket History Day 1:

Ehsan Moravej won the bid for the replica of the 1983 World Cup trophy for 110,000 (Dh403,700). The last Test Match Ball was awarded to Daham Arangalla for 40,000 dollars (Dh146,800). CricFlix, the group, has not divulged the brainchild of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Mohammed Al NahCricket is very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with CricFlix, where the channel 2 is always on the forefront of innovation. Fans will have the opportunity to see a small portion of the action unfold. It is the medium of transactions for all applications built on the Cricket Blockchain platform.  It is core to maintain its security and integrity, apart from being used forCricket Crazy was introduced by Cricket Crazy. Today Io received 50 unique moments from cricket history day 1 wich amounted to more than USD200,000. From more than 20,000 cricket media assets, five new classic moments will be added daily on the platform. Over 50 million CRIC have been redeemed in reward pools based on planned contests to gamify the entire experience. The first installment titled Beginning Luck is going live today. Many of the eminent partners who have been added to the already starstudded list of founding partners comprising V are extremely happy to participateV. A small creative crypto startup built by the founders of photo/video app Ultravisual looks to be used by AR to shift how NFT art is createdTheir latest venture aims to help artists bring their digital creations to a bigger digital stage.  It also seeks to find what the future of NThe startup has been successful in raising a small amount of money in a preseed round. NFTs have moved away from being more speculative, where it is all about returns on your purchases, that will be beneficial to you. Their broader vision is finding ways for digital objects to interact with the real world, something that has been a pretty top of mind concern. The blockchain is the medium for transactions for all applications built on the platform and is a core to maintaining the security and integrity of the platform. On the first day, about fifty plus unique moments from cricket history were featured, worth over USD200,000. Everyday 5 non-fungible tokens will be added, including iconic moments. A unique digital asset is designed to represent ownership of a virtual item. CricketCrazy presents a unique digital offering to cricketers and franchises, attempting to increase their reach as well as the relationship with fans. NFTs own digital sports assets and collectibles for fansCricketers take care of their finances after retirement, according to Parthiv. You are talking about 35 to 36, but not many players actually go on to play until 40. The nominees for this year have been scrolled by Rocks Together. Our vote was cast by us, and we are here to tell you all about our favourites.  Keep reading to find out more.



ConsenSys Palm Platform Launch:

This has been a huge success and the sky is the limit for digital AR and Cricket. The largest cricket museum, the world’s first Mixed Reality & ARVR, will be launched by us in Dubai. Laxman, Wasim Akram, Parthiv Patel, Michael Vaughan, Shaun Tait, and Saqlain MusThe platform launch was announced by the cofounders.  Cricketer Parthiv Patel and Atul Srivastava attended the launch. Pruthvi Rao, cofounder of the Cricket Foundation, said that multiple applications built on top of it are hosted by Cricket. It comes down to a new sense of place when you see AR as a vehicle for relationship e. g. , tactile interactions with objects thatThe team is launching a marketplace later next month, based on ConsenSys Palm Platform.  A marketplace is being showcased. The active to passive. It is very difficult to achieve the same pace after retiring, so platforms such as the Cricket Foundation, if you can, should be helpful. It’s true that finance’s an important aspect in a cricketers’ lives, explained the Southpaw. Speaking was speaking at the virtual launch of ‘CricketCrazy. ‘Io’s created the world’s first NFT marketplace exclusively for cricket. It is between active and passive.