CricFlix Launches in a Grand Launch


It is in New Delhi. The first ever NFT platform for cricket, augmented reality, CricFlix, gives a major showcase. In the first hour alone, a total of $ 1,85,00 was collected by the total. The local government sold it for 38 crore. The replica of India’s first world cup victory trophy was sold for 1,10,000 dollars, out of this. New Delhi is liked by New DelhiCricFlix, the world’s first Augmented Reality Cricket NFT platform, is launching in a grand launch. In the first hour alone, a total of $ 1,85,00 (Rs 1 is used to the customer) is reached by him. The state sold it for approximately 38 crores. The cricketing community created the blockchain-based platform in Singapore in April 2021. Players, clubs, associations, game developers, and others are part of the ecosystem. On social media, it reaches 50,000 users as well as 60,000 followers. Last week Cricket Token was successful in listing a market cap of USD 200 million on the Indian and international crypto exchanges. Our top five picks for the Argie Awards for 2021 are open to public voting.



Cricket History Day One:

It’s an e. Amounted to approximately 82 lakh rupees. Apart from this, Lakhs of rupees were auctioned for the ball of the last Test match of Sri Lanka’s legendary off spinA replica of the 1983 World Cup trophy was purchased by Ehsan Moravez. Besides diamonds, silver was made by this trophy, which also had many precious gems attached. At the same time, Dahm Arangala spent forty thousand dollars (30 lakh rupees). In addition, Tshirts signed by players of the Indian team that won the 1983 World Cup were also bought for a five dollar price. The West Indies sold the 2016 World Cup, also. Players of the Caribbean team signed a bat. eIt’s estimated to be around 82 lakhAside from this, a large amount of rupees were auctioned off during the last test match against the legendary Sri Lankan offsA person named Ehsan Moravez bought a replica of the 1983 World Cup trophy. In addition to diamonds, silver was also produced, and many precious gems were also attached to it. In the same time, 40 thousand dollars (30 lakh rupees) were spent by Dahm Arangala, the ball of MuralithThe players of the 1983 Indian team that won the World Cup bought the item for a price of five thousand dollars. A bat from the West Indian team that won the 2016 World Cup was sold also by the West Indian team. Using Cricket Blockchain, the media for transactions in all applications. If Active to Passive, Cricket is crazyAn io tribute will be given out today, containing fifty unique moments from cricket history day one, worth over USD200,000. The platform will add five NFTs of iconic moments to the library daily. The entire experience is gamified by it and there are over 50 million CRIC in reward pools for various planned contestsThe first “Beginner’s Luck” is going live today. Many of the eminent partners have been added to the already star-studded list of founding partners.  V is extremely happy to welcomeV. I think that S is the right word. Rocks have sat down together to scroll through this year’s nominations. We cast our votes, and we are here to tell you all about our favorite.  Continue reading to find out more about our favourite.



Millions of NFT Fans have the Chance to Digitally Collect Memories of Cricket Matches:

Cricflix has the capability to digitize anything associated with historical moments. Virtual reality change the real life. This initiative gave millions of NFT fans the opportunity to digitally collect memories of cricket matches. Of course, a kind of digital token is called NFT. Like cryptocurrencies, which cannot be copied and changed. The range from active to passive. Cricflix invented the platform for digitally transforming any artwork or things related to historical moments. After transforming these things digitally, they are made just like real through virtual reality. Millions of NFT fans have the chance to digitally collect memorable cricket matches. NFT is reportedly making a digital token. Unlike cryptocurrencies, it cannot be copied and changed. Laxman, Wasim Akram, Parthiv Patel, Michael Vaughan, Lance Klusener, Shaun Tait,The launch of the platform was announced by the cofounders, including cricketer Parthiv Patel and Atul Srivastava. The Cricket Foundation has a layer one technology, meaning that multiple applications that are built on top are hosted by it. You can choose either active or passive.