Colexion – The Largest NFT Marketplace in Asia


Start up rock stars in 2021 sign in to see our list of the most promising startups of 2021 sign in Nationally. The platform backed the seed money from Polygon Matic’s CEO, Jayanti Kanani, and others. Polygon announced an investment in Colexion, the largest NFT marketplace in Asia. Polygon has deployed many of its digital tools in India because of this investment.  The results are a higher NFT adoption rate in India, leading toAbhay Aggarwal, Co-Founder and CEO, Colexion, said the investment was a historical event. In India, a new ecosystem will be provided by us. NFTically confirms seed funding of under $1 million from an investor group, including Nazara Games exec Nitish Mittersa. The funds will be spent on staffing, marketing and product development. It is possible for clients to build their own white label NFT stores. The Seed Funding is raised by the NFTically marketplace from Polygon Matic CEO Jayanti Kanani. Additionally, the store and marketplace became fully operational with B2B SaaS and launched a white label store and marketplace. The funds will be used to strengthen its product and increase its customer base.



Colexion aims to empower users with the optimum use of NFT and Blockchain:

The platform is set up by Toshendra Sharma, who explained that the intent is to empower users with the optimum use of NFT and BlockchainNFTs are unique virtual tokens, which are represented by a blockchain infrastructure, and represent ownership. A physical or digital item such as an artwork, a soundtrack, a collectible, an ingame item, domain names, photos. The NFT space is revolutionized by our mission to make it accessible to everyone – celebrities, influencers, artists, and enterprises. We work hard to connect people with their favourite collectibles, with a focus on NFT awareness, and the platform’s user experience. Also, access to a free trade experience with theft and forge, advanced dashboards and tools for NFT exchanges, and a trustingIt will provide tools to create decentralized, scalable applications, focus on the performance of the platform and address the diverse needs of developers. Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer, said the key aim of this investment is to transform the NFT marketplace. Polygon gave it the value it deserves. The launch of a premium NFT marketplace is already creating a buzz. International celebrities from both entertainment and sports industries have been onboard.  Each one of them will be launching their NFTs. Colexion is a leading marketplace for digital collectibles and aims to bring NFTs into mainstream trading options. The company said that it sees immense promise for sports federations, Bollywood movie studios and corporate India to adopt this in the coming months and addedI was happy to earn this new funding round and win the trust of our investors. Businesses increasingly believe that monetization of digital assets is a viable option. Executives create value for their business. Our aim is to enable everybody to create wealth with ease by launching their own NFT marketplace on a global stage. The vast NFT ecosystem is a constant innovation even if NFTs are still in the formative years. Creago Advisors representative predicted that more fundraising announcements will be expected in the future. Many of the investors are excited to see interest from them. NFTically was envisioned by a IIT Bombay alumnus and a Blockchain expert in India. The company is envisioning an optimal use of NFT and Blockchain. The company will invest in the initiative of NFT education and awareness among the users. How it works. Use the wallet of your choice.  Secondly, link it to NFTically 2. Make your collection, add social links, a description, profiles, and banner images. Upload an image, video, audio, or 3D art and mint it, then advertise it for sale. The NFT frequently uses a digital world because copyright infringement concerns are prevalent in key industries like music, art, and content creation. Customized user interface, Social Tokens of Influencers and KYC provide free minting of artworks through its platform.



E-Commerce Has Been Witnessed by the NFT Market Maturity in Recent Times:

Currently, NFTically supports trading and minting in Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart-Chain. E-commerce has been witnessed by the NFT market maturity in recent times. This technology shift will shape a highgrowth area. NFTically is pursuing its vision and mission of becoming a global marketplace of the future for customers with the right vigour. Developers can get a wide variety of deliverables and simple to handle products. It includes sidechains, hybrid solutions, standalone, enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and security assets. Polygon aims to address the pain points associated with blockchain technology. Please note: this is an actual company press release. This information is monitored by a nonNBB journalist. Choose between active and passive. NFT can absorb large investments for market penetration. The firm is preparing to raise a larger pre-Series A round and the business footprint will be expanded. Anyone can launch any number of NFT marketplaces and make the right value of their creation. The NFT market maturity is one of the most exciting developments that we have witnessed in the Blockchain domain in recent times. It will continue to grow and are worth checking out by both artists and investors.