Colexion – The Biggest NFT Marketplace in Asia


Polygon has announced an investment in Colexion, the largest NFTs marketplace in Asia. Polygon will deploy a vast presence in the cryptographic ecosystem and as a result many of its digital tools will be deployed. An investment in Colexion, the biggest NFT marketplace in Asia, has been announced by Polygon. The investment will lead to a number of its digital tools to be deployed by Polygon to enhance NFT adoption in India and enable seamless purchasing. Polygon runs an Ethereum-based blockchain platform which is designed to help make decentralised finance (DeFi) apps. Ethereum’s platform allows for decentralized financial services and apps. The company revealed how much the investment is worth or what it will do with the money. Whether or not the investment is part of a larger funding round is also unclear. Major investor interest in MET Spotlight growing collaborations Mark Cuban backs Polygon. The value of Polygon(MATIC) nearly 35% in the same period witnessed a drop last week. The next major event was caused by the bear market aftermath. It seems that Polygon (Metaic) have gone under their radar. One of the top 15 cryptos globally has become a huge hit in India.



Polygon Investment aims to Transform the NFT Market:

Among its benefits are free trade, theft and forge, advanced dashboards and tools for NFT exchanges, a trustworthy platform that allows artistsIt will serve the diverse needs of developers by offering tools to create scalable, decentralized applications that focus on the performance of the platform and the user experienceSandeep Nailwal, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, said that the primary purpose of this investment is to bring transformation to the NFT marketThe security and ownership of nonfungible digital tokens is guaranteed by Polygon, NFTs are given by Colexion. This premium NFT marketplace is already producing a lot of buzz in sports, entertainment, art, and lifestyle. Iconic celebrities from the entertainment and sports industries have been onboard. The move will enable India’s users to benefit from the NFT ecosystem. Indian users now buy/sell NFTs faster than ever.  They have surprisingly lower transaction fees.  An over the top user. Bibin Babu, co-founder and COO, of the company Colexion, added a new step. There are benefits to using a free trade platform such as theft and forgery, advanced dashboards and tools for NFT exchanges, andAttempts to cater to the varied needs of developers by providing tools to create scalable, decentralized applications. The principal objective of this investment is to transform the NFT marketplace, says Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer. Cuban boasts a net worth of $4, which makes him a serious investor in Silicon ValleyForbes estimated it at 4 billion. He and Tesla’s chief executive Elon Musk own cryptocurrencies as well. In addition, they invested in nine other blockchain startups. The company revealed what the investment will be worth or what it will do with the money. According to Mint, it has been in talks with many investors. Whether or not the investment is part of a larger funding round is unknown. Polygon runs an Ethereum-based blockchain platform that is designed to help make decentralized financial apps that are secure and secure. Nailwal, Jaynti Kanani and Anurag Arjun founded the company in 2017. Eventually, Mihailo Bjelic, a Serbian, was added as a cofounder. a place was already captured by its founders among the top 15 cryptocurrencies but ambitious plans to make it the third-largest crypto project followingThe value of this cryptocurrency is Rs143 at the time of writing. Over 10,000% has grown by the coin in the past year, and more than 125% in one month. Some of the reasons for the significant rise of Polygon are being discussed. Moreover, the increasing excitement regarding Polygon and Google BigQuery announcements is in it. Polygon blames this partly on the popularity of the Ethereum network and the adoption of its blockchain. The trend toward faster, cheaper transactions with Polygon’s side chain architecture generates a huge amount of excitement in both price and public perception.



NFT Platform – Polygon –  :

Polygon has developed one of the leading platforms for Ethereum scaling and digital infrastructure development. This is an Indian company that is growing with its broad range of deliverables and easy-to-handle products that are offered to the developers. Its infrastructure solutions include sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone, enterprise chains, data availability solutions, security assets, and many more. Polygon allows artists and fans to interact and trade on a trustworthy platform, giving it the value it deserves. The launch of a premium NFT marketplace in the sports, entertainment, art, and lifestyle categories has already created a buzz. The platform will allow international celebrities from the entertainment and sports industries to launch their NFTs. Active to passive. The fund received a billion dollar donation from founder Vitalik Buterin earlier this month.  The amount may have helped raise Polygon’s fund. Some success has been seen by the company recently, which may indicate that a new fund infusion is needed by it. Polygon’stoken entered the top 20 cryptos in the world earlier this month. The high transaction per second (TPS) Polygon provides is essential to lower the usage cost for users. In addition, Polygon has carried out many projects on the blockchain which add to his reasons to invest. In my opinion, more TPS and lower gas fees is not enough. That is an actual network effect and needs significant user growth.