Colexion is a Digital Museum for Celebrities


In my opinion, the hottest NFT marketplace in town is a great place to start. Some of the biggest names in the Indian film industry are close to bringing on board in just months of it launchThis is an incredible place for artists to display their collection of artworks, either in any format or at once. Celebrities are squeezing into the nft trend, from Lindsay Lohan to Rob Gronkowski, NFL. As popularity increases, the space is expected to be joined by more celebrities and influencers. Elon Musk planned an NFT.  It was later decided against it. The latest technologies and developments Find out about the latest technologies and developments. Many top Bollywood actors are getting NFT tokens to achieve an increased popularity. All eyes in India are on Colexion it promises to be unique from others. Colexion will build a digital museum for celebrities, and a multiverse gaming platform on which people can play. The company promises the safest and most userfriendly licensed NFT marketplace. All disciplines of entertainment and art have been taken by the NFT. Logan Paul was recently voted the second most hated person in the mainstream and he kicked off the boom with no other. Hate and influence aren’t mutually exclusivePaul sold $5 million worth of NFTs in his first launch in the crypto space.



NFT Market Cap – The Ambition of NeoFen:

NOFTEN is built on the basis of its marketplace model. NFTs are unique digital tokens that certify ownership of virtual assets.  They include artwork, music, gaming, sports, and other digital collectableNFTs transform digital works of art and other collectables into unique and verifiable assets that are nonreplicable and collectable. The blockchain has a speed that is high scalable and very low fees. Eventually, it will be accessible to all NFT users, saving on the high fees and transaction lag when faced on other services. In order to give a new definition to the way celebrities and collectors interact and collaborate, NeoFen was createdThe idea of personalized and curated experiences by artists allows fans to choose multiple options of tradeoff. NFTs allowed artists to sell their digital work for thousands and even millions of dollars. Popularity is gaining since many are now a market worth more than one billion dollars.  That is mostly digital assets that operate as a type ofJack Dorsey sold his very first tweet from 2006, and distributed the proceeds to charities. Tesla CEO Elon Musk will sell a techno song just this week. It did not feel right then, he later stated. His girlfriend, Grimes, made millions selling crypto art. There was an NFT of a motivational quote sold by Shark Tank star Mark Cuban that read Nobody ever changed the world. Influencers are rushing to make money on NFTs using virtual avatars, digital collectibles, and one off art. Currently, with over one million NFTs sold, the NFT market cap is worth 40 Billion Dollars. Our mission is to make NFTs accessible to everyone, we at Colexion. We will curate some interesting categories of NFTs, and addon features for engagement on the platform. Aggarwal founded Colexion in January 2021.  The aim was to be a leader in the licensed NFTs space. In July of this year, the company announced preSeries A financing of $8 million to support its rapid growth into new markets. The ambition is to create the largest digital art collection in the world and create a unique community of creators, collectors and celebrities. NFT markets paid for 342 million in trading volume in February 2021, more than all of 2020. Two gamers set a new record by spending $1. A five million dollar amount of crypto is needed in order to purchase a video game feature. In the meantime, a reluctantly embraced NFT has been embraced by the art world. The first digital artwork by Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple, is going under the hammer for $6. Six million dollars in NFT was moved from Active to Passive on February 22nd. People started paying attention to NFT’s after celebrities began to embrace them. One of the first notable celebrity NFT enthusiast was Captain Kirk himself. William Shatner created 10,000 NFT trading cards in July 2020.



Digital Art by Beeple sold for a record $69.:

Ethereum transaction volumes increased four billion in a month to record a tenfold increase from July. I noticed that in March this year, digital art by Beeple sold for a record $69. The item for sale at auction is three million dollars, sold by Christie’s. Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as an NFT for $2. The same month they hit nine million. Decrypt reported that Paris Hilton sold a cat painting for $17,000 for influencers. The actress promised to donate the funds to charities that accept cryptocurrency when she sold Lightning NFT. There is a good chance that you will make money from Influencers. Several YouTube stars have already begun observing the trend, such as Logan Paul and Zach ZHC Hsiehn. Trying to become the largest digital collectible gallery in the entertainment, lifestyle, sports and art industries. The perfect combination of fan engagement and artwork collection has been implemented. More attention will be drawn to the national sport of India and its major leagues in order to spread awareness and promote it, says Aggarwal. Genie’s create avatars for online guest appearances. Mendes was made by Genies of the most recognizable accessories including his guitar, gold ring, and vest. Even Andrew Gertler is getting into the NFT craze with his own marketplace, SturDY. Echange. The nascent company is raising a seed round. The first tweet from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, from March 21, 2006, was simple.