CoinAgenda Conference Series Launched in Las Vegas


Las Vegas, Oct. The leading global conference series connecting blockchain and cryptocurrency investors with startups since 2014 has today announced it will be welcoming top cryptocurrency and fintech leaders. Tickets and the agenda can be purchased from the event page. The speakers were Chairman at DLTxASA James Haft, Head of Institutional Capital at Polygon Dean Thomas, and CEO at EQIYou can purchase tickets and an agenda on the event page. An event entitled Exchanged by the October 17 is expected to be held by the same speaker as a group of those events. Io is the CEO at Experty. Our last in person event took place in Las Vegas. An event specifically geared towards helping Blockchain Companies and Investors meet under one roof to be able to create long term business relationships.



The Future of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Fintech:

The CEO of Gigex, Inc. Eric Reubel, Senior Director at Dundon Advisers LLC, John Burris, Senior Director at Dundon Advisers LLC. Is Me, Inc.  is an open source project by the NFT Community Designer & Influencer at WowMiko Matsumura is the general partner of Gumi Ventures and Ken DiCross is the general partner of Gumi VenturesWith the value of Bitcoin at $63,000, and the launch of the first US Bitcoin ETF, there is lots to cover around the evolution of cryptocurrency andSessions covering the future of cryptocurrency, blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi), fintech, privacy, scaling solutions, token economy, payment and infrastructure. The researchers identified a few nonfungible tokens (NFTs), gaming and legal and regulatory issues in blockchain investing. There will also be an opportunity presenting startup to top industry investors. DLTx is a publicly traded company in Norway. The concept of a novel way for investors to access compelling and predictable economic returns, that is based on the changes created by the decentralization andThe DLTx website offers a unique and public company listed on the Norwegian Olso Bers Stock ExchangeA new approach that allows investors to get compelling and predictable economic returns based upon the changes created by the decentralization and disruption of major global industries. After a year and a half of virtual events, we are ready to announce our in person event calendar for 2021. The dates are saved by CoinAgenda Europe Sept 28-30, 2021 in Monaco and by CoinAgenda Global Oct 2527. Our mission is to bring them together. It is a balance between active and passive.



Blockchain Investment Summit – Blockchain Investment Summit:

The first blockchain press release distribution service focused exclusively on news concerning blockchain, distributed ledger technology companies and ICO’s is Blockchain Wire. We have an international presence that includes broadcast and online media outlets, social media sites, industry trade publications, leading blogs, and Blockchain industry influencers. See the event page. Visit CoinAgenda Europe to view the schedule. The CoinAgenda conference series connects professional investors, traders, family offices and digital currency funds with top entrepreneurs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The event aims to highlight current trends in international blockchain investing, as well as world class speakers from around the world. Visit com for updates, or contact us if you are interested in speaking, presenting, sponsoring, partnering, or attendingWe are so eager to see you. Which is more active to passive?It is react by the active and passive.