Christie’s Marathon Sale in 2021


Christies marathon sale, on Friday, also found encapsulation of the weirdness of the art market in 2021. It is a unique collection offered outside of traditional auction week.  It contains modern hand painted items, as well as classic Abstract Expressionist art pieces. If you’ve been looking for a recap of the art market craziness in 2021, look no further than Christie’s Marathon SaleThe eclectic pieces ranged from newly minted NFTs to classic abstract expressionism offered outside of a traditional auction week. The auction house rejected live bids for the cryptocurrency Ether on 1 October 2021, marking an historic first for a leading auction house. It costs 393 ETH (1 267 320). A turn for Ja – Was was to Passive. Bided yells ‘Yes, what?’In total, £85,784,000 in sales and $146,004,368 in sales and €107,230,000 in sales were made byThe highest price was paid for Ja – Was. Bild was able to complete the task of describing the event in question. This estate is located in a prime location on the waterfront in Port Royal in Florida and is in one of the finest neighborhoods of Naples. Christie set four artist records for Derrick Adams, Elaine de Kooning, Jammie Holmes, and Lucas Samaras. Two figurative paintings set new benchmarks for Adams and Holmes. The second lot in the auction, Figure in the Urban Landscape 31, 2019 by Adams, increased the expectations.



The Art Auctions of the Day:

The band sold for ETH393, one dollar. Three million, exceeding the high estimate of 350. The classic blue chip names, ranging from Philip Guston to Yayoi Kusama were dominated by the rest of the salesTwo works tied for the highest price of the day at $2. Helen Frankenthaler sang Warming The Wires (1978) and Guston sang The Clock II (1957) and they were both movedIt was anticipated that the Frankenthaler would perform at that level, however, it was the Guston which did that more shockingly. The painting created seven times the estimate of $350,000. The painting was last displayed at auction in 1980.  It had been owned by the consignor since 1983. Two works cost $2 and are the highest of the day. Including Helen Frankenthaler’s Warming Up the Wires (1978) and Guston’s The Clock II (1957). The Frankenthaler expected a result in that range, the Guston was more surprising. The painting generated a sevenfold increase from the previous estimate of $350,000. The painting last appeared at auction in 1980, and had been owned by the sender since 1983. The performance of 1, 2, and 3 (2006) produced a demand for the auction house’s perennial favorite Yoshitomo Nara. It has sold for $2. I believe 1 million dollars, which is a huge estimate of $750,000, and it is an incredible number for the artist. It was sold for $128,939 in 2010 at Christie’s London. A set of 31 NFTs is considered to be one of the oldest artworks on the Ethereum blockchain. The auction generated the highest total of $34,409,820, with strong depth of bidding of 145% Hammer above low. The sale was successful in displaying strong participant in the sale. Two abstract paintings from the postwar era were led by it, each sold for $2,670,000.  each was sold by Helen Frank. The range is between 6 to 14One million. The auction auction as a whole presented an eclectic mix of exciting and rare impressionist, avantgarde and modernist works. Discerning collectors competed in a selective market for rare works by Matisse, Marc, and Giacometti. New and established collectors across geographies were excited by Surreal.  Strong prices were achieved for Magritte, Ernst, and Miró. Further leading highlights of the sale were sold for £9,042,500, $15,390,335 and €11,303,125. The present cast demonstrates the extraordinary and rare golden patina and played an important role in establishing Giacometti’s fame and reputation asL’artiste and le modèle nu realised £6,802,500, $11,577,855, and €8,503,125. One of Matisse’s most celebrated subjects is shown by it. The picture has a rich tapestry of colours. Pass from active to passive. The switch from the active to the passive. The traditional family portrait is inspired by Pop art and African sculpture, and gives homage to treasured experiences that typified quotidian moments. For Baltimore-born, Brooklyn-based Adams, his previous high mark was achieved by his previous high mark in 2018, when he performed ‘FloaThe last number 24 was provided by Holmes, who is a young artist with some talent in 2020. The painting depicts a woman in a salmon pink tank dress, minding a pot on the stove. The backdrop of purple with filigree wallpaper, a wallmounted air conditioning unit and a hint of black and whiteThe moment is framed by the title of the painting, its tentative rendering, and her weary, downcast eyes.



Courtesy of the Artist and the Cristin Tierney Gallery:

In addition, new auction records were also established for Lynda Benglis, Gary Vaynerchuk (for an NFT that marked hisIsabella Lauria, Christie’s specialist and head of sale, rated the auction as a ‘offering top’ performance. The sale was bookended by NFTs in a sign of the times.  The artist, Dread Scott, titled his provocatively. Courtesy of the artist and The Cristin Tierney Gallery. A still from the film titled ‘Dread Scott’s White Man for Sale’ in 2021Courtesy of the artist and the Cristin Tierney Gallery. The artist may offer a guide, such as the average lifetime income of a thirtyfive year old white man. It is possible that he worked until retirement age at age 68. Today’s sale has been a very successful one because I was able to supply highquality artworks at attractive prices and appeal to my clientsI am very happy to have represented the legacy of Ernie Barnes in his longoverdue debut on a worldwide sales platform. Ignoring the violence and tension that at times envelop the young girls who populate Balthus’s Art, Les Trois SoeursThere is a light that recalls Renaissance frescoes, as well as a mysterious ambience that cuts to the heart of BalthaThat would be two, 994,500, five,096,639, or three,743,125. This ranges from 4 to 2 million. The action from active to passive. At the age of 56 an artist’s manifesto called for the right to claim 15 percent of any resale profits, giving artistsUntitled, circa 2000, oil on canvas, 40 34 x 26 1/8 inches / 103. The ratio 5 x 66 is one that is changed from Active to Passive. It is four cm.