Christie’s Hong Kong Single Lot Live Streamed Sale


The most expensive Western piece of art would be sold at auction in Asia when it is offered at Christie’s in Hong Kong with an estimate of HKThe painting will be offered in a single lot live streamed sale in Hong Kong immediately preceding the sale. In 2012, the painting was bought by a seller at Sotheby’s in London for £5. It was estimated that Bastille Warrior’s Warrior made a sum of HK$240 million at auction in Asia in 1982The painting will be offered at the live streaming sale in Hong Kong.  It starts at 10pm local time immediately preceding it. The painting was purchased by the vendor for £5 at Sotheby’s in London in 2012. The early oil painting by the Chinese Realist artist Xu Beihong has a price tag of around £32m to £41m. As the world is preparing to enter another season with most of the world in lockdown, they are seeking ways to make sure their sales still feel likeA single lot sale is held by Christie’s Hong Kong in March to honour a highly soughtafter painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat.



Akira Ikeda – Akira Ikeda:

This version was first displayed by the Akira Ikeda Gallery in Japan in 1983.  It will also be part of the 2019 exhibition of JeanMichelThis period of 1981-1982 is absolutely the best, according to Cristian Albu, Christie cofounder. Nine of ten records were compiled by you between 1981 and 1982. The energy of his work was at its peak. It is rare to possess a large one, a rareIf you look at La Hara, which is now in a London private collection, and which we sold for $34It did the same thing in New York in 2017 for nine millions with fees.  It is the same period, the same dimensions and the same raw materials. I think that this work is historicalally significant. This gallery, Akira Ikeda, in Tokyo, was first exhibited in 1983 and included in the 2019 exhibition JeanMichel Basquiat atThe time span of 1981-1982 was the best for Basquiat, undoubtedly says Cristian Albu, Christie co-head of theIf you examine the top ten records, nine out of ten are from 1981 to 1982. The energy of his work was at its peak. I find it rare to have a large one like this one. He says you should look at La Hara.  It was sold for $34, we sold it to a private collection in London. 9 million, with fees, landed in New York in 2017 of the same period, same dimensions, same rawness. In addition, these works have a very special importance, based on history. It is not customary for Poly to give estimates for works. Xu Beihong is renowned as the forefather of modern Chinese art education, and a pioneer in the field of Chinese Realism. The tale is based on the Roman myth of Androcles.  He was a runaway slave, captured and thrown into the ColosseumTo the crowd’s surprise a thorn is removed by the lion some time earlier. Only six existing oils paintings by Xu are displayed by there. A paper study for Slave and Lion is held in the collection of the Xu Beihong Memorial Museum in Beijing. It is an outlier among other Asian art, which tend to depict traditionally Asian themes and landscapes, is made by its Western subject. In my opinion, it is very important to broaden that idea of building the collection and understanding that Sanyu gets inspired by Matisse. A full length figure is depicted by Warrior. The item last sold for $8 at Sotheby’s London. Seven million have been included in the same collection since they were considered by the same collection. It had already been an active decade and had traded hands three times over seven years. During that time, its price climbed nearly 450 percent. After a fivehour marathon of sales in London, the single lot sale in Hong Kong will start. It is a continuation of the global strategy that Christie’s began, and it was digitally streamed from salesrooms in Hong Kong,The sale begins at 2 pm.



The Difference Is Between Active and Passive:

This is a fun way to bring together location and clients from the United States, Europe and the United States. Are activated by a transfer Active to Passive. Activ to passive. There is a growing appetite in my head to create pieces from both East and West. Why not put a basquiat with a Sanyu with a Sanyu?From the active to the passive. Locations and clients from the United States, Europe and the United States are loved by clients. Active to passive. The difference is between active and passive. I have a growing desire to create work from both the East and West. Why not a Basquiat? A Sanyu is placed by him. The range is from active to passive. Seven months earlier, it was made by Toor at Phillips in Hong Kong. The highest prices ever were made by fast rising stars Avery Singer and Toyin Ojih Odutola respectively. According to Sotheby’s, Asian collectors purchased both works. A monumental abstract triptych was sold by Chu Teh Chang for HKD2 by Sotheby’s Hong Kong in 1986. The cost is 6m ($29). mAsian buyers planned an unusually early start for an evening sale, to stay awake and active throughout the evening despite being late enough for the evening sale. Hong Kong’s market is recovering from the impact of the pandemic quicker than Europe and China.