A new world of the virtual space “METAVERSE” the core business model of the ANGELIUM project, and it’s developing phase is going from the alpha to the Beta version today. The visual quality gets really improved so that the user can figure out the latest features added!

Today, let us show you a piece of the video from the original view of the world with the theme of “JAPAN”.

Angelium metaverse beta version preview

The primary feature of the Beta version is carefully designed as a crossover-platform along with some free activities like operating vehicles getting inside of a building and go driving around.
Also, it is able to be used as a platform of the PlayStation other than the VR device that is all available for web-browsing from both PCs and phones.

In the so critical situation of the mutant virus pandemic in the world today, we are surely quick developing in order to let all the users worldwide get received the Beta products now!
We are planning to let the Beta version gets released around late May.

注意: Most likely people usually still think ANGELIUM is a porn-related project, but it is not.
As we presented many times so far, ANGELIUM is a cutting edge project that materializes a new economic zone(a token economy) that fuses the real and virtual worlds by using the Blockchain technology called “The Cross-Reality” since the foundation period.

The X series and other contents are being deployed on that platform itself, and a part of the content(application), and after a while, they will be provided by some third parties like the APP store.

Many other games like currently presented XIGOLO are also provided by the third party, working as they are activating the token economy on the platform along with increasing the liquidity of the token.

Metaverse alpha version(the previous version)


Yes, go ahead download and check it out for yourself if you have the VR goggles (Oculus Quest)

Careful: Currently, you need to switch to the Developer Mode to download.

ANGELIUM -Official Promotional Video

Official Website:


我們自己的OS和AI的“ Xglass”進度狀態。 Xglass由Angelium在2019年12月25日在東京舉行的“天堂日歸來”上發表。

儘管我們主要與海外子公司進行在線運營,但從設計到我們自己設備的製造。 由于冠狀病毒的爆發,工廠的運作已完全停止。

由於在當地城市的封鎖,我們的公司代表無法去生產現場檢查原型。 因此,從今年一月中旬到下旬的時間表會有一些變化





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