Cardano’s Game Development Team – Pixel Tiles


Pixel tiles live on the Cardano blockchain and are used for creating collectible furniture, and adventurers. The adventurers you will send into epic quests are represented by them.  They also include furniture that you will use to decorate and expand your InnThousands of unique adventurers were made exclusively to reward our early supporters. A full-stack developer has been programming and building prototype games since middle school. Christian becomes coo of Rektangular after realizing there is a gap in the market that can be bridged with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Additionally, the team has created tools to enable people to build games on Cardano’s blockchain and builds a turnbased strategy game. I do not have JavaScript available.



Building a Video Game That Interacts With The Cardano Blockchain:

Pixel Tile Adventurers combines the same functionality with additional balanced advantages. Is this a game that requires you to play to earn?You might acquire similar crypto collectables by purchasing packs, however, any person is entitled to payment. Is this a game where you have to pay to win. Collectors that purchased them don’t get an unbalanced advantage. I enjoy collecting collectible items, and obtaining a variety of fun alternative strategies and achieving vanity and aesthetics. The creative director has more than ten years of experience as a software development and company strategy consultant. Anyone that can interact with the blockchain is difficult to be interacted with by developers. On any blockchain, a game is created by you. You need tokens. You must discover a way to verify ownership. You need to find a way to trade tokens. We built a video game that would interact with the Cardano blockchain.  Common needs and common problems were fixed by our own. Our tools for our game were designed and built in a way that is easily available to other developers. Additionally, a token viewer displayed on our website is featured. In this browser, JavaScript is detected. Please enable JavaScript or use a supported browser to continue using twitter.



He speaks passionately about Telling Impactful Stories Through Game Development:

I am passionate about fantasy, the potential of blockchain to make better and fairer systems for the world, and the Cardano community. I am a 2D Game Artist who has more than 10 years of experience in the game development industry and I am the Art Director. He speaks passionately about telling impactful stories filled with emotion through game development. We are weaving together into our own story. The backstory of the main plot is laid out by us, and we develop an idea of where we want the story to go. We could include a feature that would allow players to have a say in the direction of the story. You will be able to see a list of supported browsers in our Help Center. Active to Passive Help Center.