Candy Digital Partners to Build Fan Engagement Experiences


Investors are ready to jump on the bandwagon after large numbers of NFTs have been spread by the market like wildfire. That amount is estimated by the digital assets market at $2. The rate of growth in the past three years was 14 trillion, as of October 2021. The total value locked represents the total amount of collateral locked in DeFi. A $100 million Series A financing round was completed today, which values the company at $1. The amount was transferred from active to passive. Candy will continue expanding its NFT offerings across the global sports landscape for current and emerging partners, as well as raising the funds raised.



Candy Sports Collectibles Inc.:

Collectibles, art, and sports account for 48%, 43%, and 3% respectively of the top 3 NFT spots. NFT has been penetrating by this but it is still far from it. NFT Global changed that. Features that would be helpful for anyone dipping their toes into the crypto or NFT community were made by them. 10% of our fees will be donated to charity and help eradicate poverty. What is the meaning of NFTG?It is built on the Binance Smart Chain for ambitious artists, traders, and collectors. This team has prior experience as investors in cryptocurrency and software development professionals.  It was founded in Switzerland. The NFT team will make it easy on the masses and make it intuitive and easy on mainstream people. Scott Lawin, the Company’s CEO, said Candy is focused on being the trusted and institutional grade provider of authentic licensed products in the NFT spaceThere are numerous opportunities to enhance the fan experience by allowing people to own a piece of their passionFans are excited to continue partnering with leading sports leagues around the world to engage fans through the next generation of sports collectibles. The Managing Director at Insight Partners, Deven Parekh, praised the next generation of sports fandom. The company’s experienced founding team has broad experiences in sports and entertainment, with early partnerships e. g.  MLB. We are excited to partner with Candy Digital because they build fan engagement experiences.



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As a result of owning an NFT, and the ownership that comes with it, you provide a sense of belonging. So, if photographs of the original starry night could be taken by others or even painted their own, they would never be experienced by them. Candy’s team of world class digital artists, designers, and technologists is developing a large range of digital collectibles. If you’d like more, you might enjoy visiting CandyCom is supported by Com. Describe Insight Partners, a leading global venture capital and private equity firm investing in high growth technology and software companies that are driving change.