As previously presented the Heaven concept is officially upgraded to the XLEVEL from last month Jan 16.

The newly upgraded amazing feature of XLEVEL.

Method to calculate XLEVEL

ANX: Calculated as Heaven days (Duration) X (NO. of tokens)

XLEVEL doesn’t get provided nor occurred unless HEAVEN gets made.

Note: Once you released HEAVEN all the XLEVEL’s, privileges and special welcoming gifts will be gone that came with XLEVEL status.

ANL: It originally goes with following

“Number of ANL = XLEVEL”

For example
If the user holds 10000ANL then the user’s XLEVEL is 10000XLEVEL.

Note: ANL’s XLEVEL is already being provided retroactively after 2019 but would disappear when you move them to Tranxia cryptocurrency exchange.
ANL Heaven is not available right now, but Heaven ANL would start next month, so please be a patient bit more!

What are the benefits of having both ANL and ANX Heaven?

  • You can receive a DROP
  • “Only those who made HEAVEN” is required according to your XLEVEL.
  • And according to each XLEVEL “Only the users who made HEAVEN” are qualified for the targeted DROP.
    (Originally, the funding source for the DROP is provided by calculation to let the total sum of ANX from Tranxia cryptocurrency exchange revenue plus ANL from content’s promotion revenue and more get divided according to the total number of levels)

New HEAVEN bonus rates are as follows

  • HEAVEN 90 130%
  • HEAVEN 60-115%
  • HEAVEN 30-105%
  • ANOTHER HEAVEN 90 150%
  • ANOTHER HEAVEN 60-125%
  • ANOTHER HEAVEN 30-110%

HEAVEN bonus is added to XLEVEL of when users made HEAVEN.

So, if a user holds (10000ANL=10000XLEVEL) and made Heaven90, it goes like,


DROP is provided as a DROP qualifier according to the amount of HEAVEN that the user holds at the moment.

Note: This ANL HEAVEN bonus would be available after next month, so during the period up to that time, You should hold it in your XANA Digital wallet to qualified as DROP since the XLEVEL disappears if you moved it to Tranxia Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Thank You.

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