Cal-Bay International Inc. Launches New Corporate Website


Henderson, Nevada / Accesswire / October 11, 2021 / CalBay International, IncThe company will launch its own NFT website, to profile the company owned NFT portfolio. The new NFT website complements the company’s current operation website. Support of the company’s projects are shown by the new website, including the non-profit, such as, and Philanthropy. The following corporate update is now released by Henderson, NV. CalBay International Inc. The new website launches the new corporate website introducing the company’s transition into the Telemedicine sector today. Henderson, Nev. Sept. Cal-Bay International, Inc. , has announced a new focus in the NFT market. An NFT is a unique digital asset that is designed to represent the ownership of a virtual item or artwork. The following corporate update was released today by Cal-Bay International, Inc. CalBay International Inc was changed from Active to Passive. A new corporate website launched today introducing the company’s transition into the Tele-Medicine sector. Startups from all around the world have observed an explosion of interest in initiating a tech company. They typically wish to incorporate their company as US corporations, if that is where their company is physically located or used.



Cal-Bay Invests in CryptoDads NFT Project:

The long term plan for the CBNFT is financed by the long term plan. The ioT player can also provide a platform for exchange, sale, and purchase NFT and NFT support products. Cal-Bay recently invested in the CryptoDads NFT project. Each crypto dad is unique and has a comparative rarity value contrasting other tokens.  It’s a carefully crafted project designed toToken owners are able to use the digital rights to their artwork as they like. Cal-Bay will be heavily participating in NFT related projects and participation in the open market after the completion of the purchases. About Cal Bay International. The company is launching a fully operational TeleMedicine app in early September 2021. A safe harbor from liability is established by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forwardlooking statements usually can be identified by phrases such as CalBay, CBYI, or its management believes, expects, andForwardlooking statements are also made by statements describing the Company’s business strategy, outlook, objectives, plans, intentions, or other aspects. There are certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to be different from those in forward looking statements. The operations currently undertaken by Cal-Bay International Inc are currently administered by Cal-Bay International Inc. NFTs will see a rapid increase in interest in 2021.  It was previously just $13. In 2020, there will be 7 million in sales, up to $2. Fox News reported five billion for the first six months of 2021. Early adoption and investment in the NFT space is a investment in future technologies and services that will add significant value to the company in the future. Cal-Bay is going to pave the way for traditional investors in a new era of investing. Plan to become a leader in new investment opportunities across these platforms. Investors like Visa, Nike, and Cal-Bay start and encourage strong support. Digital assets and NFT technology provide a clear future for financial transactions and investments. The new website is at telemedicine. com.  It is the first fully operational medical app launched in September of 2021. Safe harbor has been established to protect you from liability under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. It can generally be identified by phrases such as CalBay, CBYI, or its management believes, expects, anticipates, forForwardlooking statements are provided by this company as well. Certain risks and uncertainties could cause actual results to be diverted significantly from those in forwardlooking statements. Cal-Bay International Inc is registered with Cal-Bay International Inc. Cal Bay International Inc. It seems that the process of starting a US company from outside the US is too cumbersome, and I agree with Firstbase. Io solved it. In helping new founders navigate the difficult steps to becoming a legitimate business in the United States, they lead the charge. I would like to say that S.



Cal-Bay International, Inc.:

Certain risks and uncertainties could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward looking statements. Cal Bay International Inc.  is a member of the club. If you have any questions contact Cal Bay International, Inc. The telephone number is 877-372-0716, and email is info@cbyintl. comThe source is CalBay International, Inc. You can view the source version on Accesswire. Go to the website. Cal-Bay International, Inc.  is being processed by Cal-Bay International. The source is CalBay International, Inc. Active to passive. Working with different platforms and influencers is essential in fostering relationships and becoming a leader in the NFT market. About Cal Bay International. Creating a Philanthropic Foundation that leverages digital assets to support societal causes using innovative Medical Technologies. You can reach them at 877 372-0716.  Email them at info@cbyintl. com. The website is Cal-Bay International, Inc. Observe the source version on Accesswire. Please click on com. Firstbase is very excited about being supported by Firstbase. The mission of Io, and the new businesses, will have an enormous impact in the world.