Overall February (Scheduled) 

  • Completed the task of listing on the public exchange for ANL on Feb 17.
  • XWISH Celeb 2 planned to announce at the end of Feb.
  • TOUKU app is planned to be gets approved on the Apple store at the end of Feb.
  • “3D Metaverse Alpha Version” planned to be released at the end of Feb.
  • The second Token burn for ANL/ANX would be carried out at the end of Feb.
  • NORI Token, that already started dealing with Korean IEO users, would let the trading for whole world users get started out at the end of Feb.

Overall March (Scheduled) 

  • Alpha version of Angel Toss would be presented
  • New next-generation service using XP would be presented
  • Progress report for the original OS and AI-mounted-VR-device.
  • Business tie-up with a major casino company.
  • The renewal overview for the NEW XANA WALLET feature would be presented.
  • The third Token burn for ANL/ANX would be carried out.
  • Official business tie-up with a large Korean partner company.
  • Official business tie-up with a major Chinese blockchain company.
  • Full-scale operation of Shenzhen team China(converted to online marketing due to virus issue)
  • Full-scale operation of lately tie-upped partner Taiwan team(a new token is planned listing on TRANXIA cryptocurrency exchange)

Overall April (Scheduled) 

  • The official version of the TOUKU app planned to release.
  • The latest 2D game planned to release
  • Newly added service and huge-scale marketing planned to start out by XWALKER
  • The fourth final Token burn for ANL/ANX would be carried out.

Other great news would be updated in real-time as needed.

We, customer service would let our NOBORDER.z business situation gets summarized and send out to you at the beginning and middle each month in order to make our valued users get satisfied by knowing our awesome business Progress!

We proudly keep spreading out plenty of services and letting various amazing products get launched this year along with making the greatest efforts for shooting out more exciting news from now on!

Thank You.

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