Bitcoin Tip Jar – Twitter’s ‘Tip Jar’


The program ‘Tips’ was first released on iOS in September.  It was followed by a twitter update on Android in weeks. The app Tips was unveiled for iOS in September and Twitter informed users that the service would come to Android within weeks. Twitter is working on making a device for Android to tap bitcoin.  Tech researcher Jane Manchun Wong has revealed. Twitter is supposedly testing Bitcoin tipping on Android devices powered by Android OS. Wong shared a screenshot that supposedly shows the beta version of the feature. The support for bitcoin and a ‘Lightning Tip Jar’ is being offered by Twitter to Android. A researcher and software engineer from Hong Kong is planning to test the feature on Android devices via Twitter. Wong posted a screenshot of the plans on Twitter. I have been working on integrating Bitcoin support for its tip jar feature and rolled out the integration to iOS users towards the end. The social media giant has forged a relationship with Strike to provide technical support for Twitter.



Bitcoin Tip Jar – How to Receive Bitcoin Tips:

Information Wong uncovered screenshots of alleged testing.  Additionally, it gave details on how to set up a wallet and receive tips in Bitcoin. As can be seen from the screenshots, Strike is an integration with the Lightning Network.  It is a payments app on top of the Lightning NetworkIt was introduced by Twitter in May.  Users could link to top third-party payment services directly from their profile. The feature permits users to share tips by using payment providers, such as PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Chipper, and Bandcamp. The service supports Bitcoin, added in August. Twitter announced in September that the company would be able to tip for BTC, however, that device was only compatible with iOS devices. Information Wong shared screenshots of the alleged testing that contained details how to setup a wallet and receive tips paid in Bitcoin. The screenshots indicate an integration with Strike, a payments app on top of the Lightning Network.  The app allows customers to pay with Bitcoin. Twitter introduced the feature in May.  It allows users to connect to third party payment services directly from their profile. The feature can receive tips from other users on the platform via payment providers like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Chipper, and Bandcamp. Bitcoin was added in August. Twitter announced in September that it’s tipping support is available for BTC though that is limited to iOS devices. However, the feature was promised by the Jack Dorsey-led firm for its Android customers. The Bitcoin payment system was added to Twitter beta in August. U reports the information. Twitter officially announced Bitcoin support for iOS devices on SeptEventually rolling out the new service for all devices. The feature for tipping Bitcoin is coming to Android soon, but no timeline has been fixed. Strike is a crypto payments processor with the technology behind the new service. Since Bitcoin has a market share of 72%, adding bitcoin tips is likely to boost the cryptocurrency’s wider adoption. Twitter is working on a feature that allows for NFT authentication. The Bitcoin Lightning Tip Jar was tested in May, where users were able to send Bitcoin to their favorite content creators first through centralised payment providersTwitter announced that a Bitcoin payment service based on Lightning Network was added in August to facilitate faster transactions. iOS users have seen the iOS tips feature several times since September. It isn’t the first time that big scoops have been managed by Wong in the tech sector.  Previously, she shared plans on InstagramWong was the first person to share the first picture of Facebook Dating’s homepage. The Tip Jar feature, until now, supported traditional payment platforms such as PayPal, Venmo, Cash App. Twitter is involved with payments made with bitcoin. Users can choose to add a Bitcoin address to receive tips out of adding a Lightning wallet. Jane Manchun Wong is an impressive reverse engineer and researcher who pointed out the tipping feature in Bitcoin Lightning. She also posted screenshots of what she spotted. The integration of Bitcoin on Android could lead to a shift towards crypto payments.



NFT Mobile App – Jane Manchun Wong:

It is currently available to users in El Salvador and the United States. Twitter has also reported to be unveiling a nonfungible token product. The firm has begun testing the Collectibles profile tab, NFT view, and NFT details view features of the service. According to a blog post, users in El Salvador and the US have access to the Strike option. Twitter looked at a NonFungible Token product. The firm began a test on the Collectibles profile tab, NFT view and NFT details view features of the service. The option between active and passive. Users will have the opportunity to exhibit their NFT on the social media platform. Social media giant is trialing a dedicated tab for collectibles. Jane Manchun Wong will be the mobile app that will allow for a large number of NFTs. You may choose the active and passive modes. Users can display their NFT collection through the social media service. The Twitter mobile app will also allow users to view NFTs and read a dedicated bio about them. The range of activity is active to passive. This move could help scale usage for the Bitcoin Lightning Network.  The second layer that is added to the Bitcoin’s blockchain allows transactions. Twitter is boosting efforts to support the crypto currency while the Jack Dorsey microblogging platform is also working on support. The feature will allow users to showcase their NFT collection on the social media platform. Active to passive.