Binance Charity is the First Ever Blockchain Enabled Transparent Donation Platform


London, New York, and Singapore, Sept. Binance Charity is the first transparent donation platform that uses blockchain technology to run the most ambitious NFT tree planting project. The next Tuesday, on the 28th September, is launched by Tree Millions Alliance, led by Binance Charity. About Woodies created by UltraDAO includes a collection of ten thousand avatars. This is not just another avatar project. One tree token equals one tree planted by one individual. The date is 2021-9-21, Binance Charity is the first ever blockchain enabled transparent donation platform. The launch of Tree Millions Alliance will be next Tuesday, 28th September, led by Binance Charity. 17 crypto industry players have already been confirmed to help with reforestation efforts.



Woodie is unique and randomly generated at the time of mint from over 900 possible traits:

NFTs are repurposed as a tool to track how donors’ money has been spent and record details such as the species of tree,The 100% of the donation will be made direct by Binance Charity projects. We believe crypto is important for protecting the planet as it is a very young industry, that is constantly evolving. Tree Millions took a step towards mitigating our impact on the natural world.  We will continue innovating and working together to reduce our impactBlockchain technology provides a powerful tool for building a fairer, more transparent, and more equal future. The potential is determined by us, said CZ, CEO of Binance. Binance NFT is a leading NFT Marketplace for Tree Millions, which is the world’s largest virtual tree planting forest. Woodies are stored as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.  All metadata is hosted on IPFS. Woodie is unique and randomly generated at the time of mint from over 900 possible traits, including eyes, hats, clothing, masksA separate collection of hand drawn Core Characters will also be carried out by there. These special characters will be given out randomly by holders of Woodies Mint Passports. In partnership with Trees for the Future, one million trees are planted by us in sub-Saharan Africa. We have completed a number of tasks since 1999. You can give 9 donation levels, collecting collectibles and/or benefits. Starting from the age of fifteen and then rising until to one million age. You will not be restricted to a limited amount of times you want to give. The crypto industry is very young and constantly changing so the role that our industry needs to play is recognised by us in protecting the planet. The company Tree Millions took a step towards minimising our impact on the natural world. Blockchain technology is an important tool for building a more equitable and transparent future. That potential is determined by us, explains CZ, who is the Founder and CEO of Binance.



Binance Donated $2 Million to Start the First Phase of the Project:

We believe in crypto and wish to be part of a future that is green, commented Helen Hai, Head of Binance. The tree planting is done with established non-profits in the environmental field. Binance donated $2 million to begin the first phase of the project. 824ETH is a $217,00 USD donation, and will help plant more than 837,000 trees. Learn more about this historic donation. For an active player, you must deposit the amount active to passive. Ultimately, the more you donate, the more you can add to your NFTree collection. In order to begin, review the tier options below.  Then click Donate Ada and choose the tier or tiers of your choosingChoose between active and passive mode. Australia, Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, India, Indonesia,Tree Millions Alliance, Binance’s shared vision for a greener crypto industry, is making an important contribution towards Binance Charity. Last year, Binance launched Binance Smart Chain.  BSC is a green blockchain. It is approximately consumed by the Bitcoin network. 113 of them have switched from active to passive.