Big Mac Rubik’s Cube NFTs – McDonald’s China


McDonald’s China released a collection of 188 non-fungible tokens on October 8th. The NFT’s under the motto Big Mac Rubik’s Cube are now being distributed to customers and employees as part of a campaignThe design of the Big Mac Rubik’s Cubes is based on the architectural design of the new Chinese headquarters of McDonald’s. McDonald’s China will distribute the Big Mac Rubik’s Cube NFTs to Chinese employees and customers. Fast food giant McDonald’s China released a set of 188 non-fungible tokensThe NFTs will be distributed to employees and consumers as part of the giveaway. The Big Mac Rubik’s Cube NFTs are designed based on the threedimensional structure of McDonald’s new headquarters in China. Fast-food giant McDonald’s China launched a set of 188 nonfungible tokens in October. 8, to rejoice its 31st anniversary within the Chinese marketAs part of the giveaway, staff and customers might receive the NFTs. McDonald’s China released 188 nonfungible tokens on October 8th to celebrate its 31st year in China. The NFTs nicknamed Big Mac Rubik’s Cube.  It will be given to employees and customers. Based on the 3D structure at McDonald’s China’s new headquarters.



McDonald’s China Offers NFTs on the Chinese Market:

The new NFTs are located on the Conflux blockchain.  They were created in collaboration with Cocafe, an agency for the design of crypto collectEach of the tokens is unique, inseparable, and unchangeable according to the character of the non-fungible token. It is true that the majority owner of McDonald’s China is given by the government’s critical stance. The reason to this is that a Krypto-GeneralVerbot has been issued by the Chinese government, which is now being enforced. The Antminer model is forced by even the market leading mining manufacturer Bitmain on the Chinese mainland.  Now forced to stop selling the Antminer. The active to passive. It will be moved from active to passive. The public Confluux blockchain is built by NFTs.  It is created in partnership with Cocafe, a digital asset creation agency. The CITIC Group, a state investment company, owns a majority stake in McDonald’s China. McDonald’s China did not respond quickly to TBEN’s request for comment. A limitation has been apparently made by Bitmain to the market by the authority. It was forced recently by the ban to cease shipping AntMiner mining rigs, a maker of crypto mining equipment. The crypto exchange from China has stopped new client registrations and will shut it down by the end of the year. The Big Mac Rubik’s Cube NFTs are designed based on the threedimensional structure of McDonald’s China’s. They are constructed using the Confluux blockchain and were created in partnership with Cocafe, a digital asset creation company. The majority stake of McDonald’s China is owned by CITIC Group, a state owned funding company of the People’s Republic of China. I requested a comment from McDonald’s China.  I was not promptly contacted by Cointelegraph. It appears that its intent to ban all crypto operations is gone, in opposition to the authority’s intent to ban all crypto operations utterly. The NFTs were created using the Confluux public blockchain and Cocafe is an agency for digital asset creation. This ensures that each work is unique and not easily altered. It is a state owned investment firm in the People’s Republic of China, which is owned by CITIC Group. The group CITIC Group holds a majority stake in McDonald’s China. Cointelegraph reached McDonald’s China for comment, however, the company has not responded immediately. The decision made by McDonald’s China to offer NFTs on the Chinese market seems to be in opposition to the intention of the authorities to ban cryptoBitmain forced Antminer mining machines to stop shipping in China. After the Chinese ban, Chinese crypto exchanges have stopped customer registrations.



Bitcoin Mining Problem Fully Recovers After Chinese Miners Migrate to Safer Jurisdictions:

Bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency, recovered from these developments. Many Chinese miners relocated to new locations to work on the blockchain network to have an improved mining quality. McDonald’s China has not yet responded to the request of Cointelegraph. The options range from active to passive. The active to passive:The first appearance was on CoinTelegraph. The crypto ecosystem continues to experience steady growth. In a report, TBEN says the difficulty in mining Bitcoin fully recovered after Chinese miners migrated to safer jurisdictions. The active one. After the China ban, new buyer registrations were stopped.  Basically, it will be shut down at the end of the year. Despite China’s resistance, the crypto ecosystem continues to witness constant development. A report from the Cointelegraph states that Bitcoin’s mining problem has recovered after Chinese miners moved to safer jurisdictions. Various levels of activity. Upon completing the task, the entire organization will cease operation by the end of the year. The crypto market continues to expand despite the resistance of China to the idea. Chinese miners have recovered the entire amount of Bitcoin since safer jurisdictions are moved by Chinese miners. The active to the passive.