AZ Factory NFT T-Shirts in Honor of Alber Elbaz


In tribute to Alber Elbaz, a special collection of NFTs was created for the closing of Paris Fashion Week this week. There were 1,200 novelties, utilizing a digital look inspired by the work of the famous designer. Fashion experts pay their last respects to Alber Elbaz, who died from Covid-19 in April. It is unlikely that they will find surprise from the rise of the nonfungible token. The late founder and designer, AZ Factory, created a limited series of organic cotton tshirts earlier this week. Farewell was said by the fashion industry to the designer on Tuesday night to mark the end of Paris Fashion Week with an iconic send off. Paris shows and accessories were present and many of the Spring 2022 collections were expected to be highly optimistic. One of the highest heels he has ever designed for the Parisian house became famous for their candycolored and crystal-eyed soles. WWD has rounded up some of the strongest accessories for the upcoming season. Paris Fashion Week was closed with a celebratory show of Alber Elbaz. As AZ Factory, a brand that would have been his first PFW collection, the house paid tribute to his joyful spirit, humility, creativity,45 Maisons and designers participated in one of the industry’s most-beloved, one off looks for their friend and peer.



Karl Lagerfeld NFT Collection Launched by Elbaz:

Look for the stunning collaborative show titled Love Brings Love. The brand AZ Factory launched a series of NFTs in January, which create a lasting memory of this emotional momentThe Karl Lagerfeld NFT collection was launched and sells out in 49 minutes.  It was presented at a spectacular fashion show with 45 looksThis ceremony is not a first, it is a last goodbye that will be remembered in history. Company wanted a tribute to him as he is passionate about new technologies and at the forefront of them. It’s adorned with flower brooches, pumps and costume jewellery styled around a draped white shirt and dress. The Alber Elbaz tribute show is commemorated with 1. 200 NFTs. The Paris tourist office building Carreau du Temple was the location that Love Brings Love was attended by many in the fashion world. 45 fashion houses and their designers contributed designs in honor of Elbaz to help celebrate his vision of a homage. The range of Tshirts was manufactured by the collaboration between AZ Factory and SharpEnd and also has a unique NFT attached. Laurent Malecaze described his honour as a great tribute designer in his honor. The collection contains five styles.  Each design features a quote from the late designer.  His signature is embossed with a grosgrain ribbon. Tshirts produce a limited number of NFTs as well. Instead, he took time to explore other industries, meet new people, and think about what made him happy. He had a lot of ideas. The one of them became AZ Factory, a new venture integrating fashion, technology, and entertainment. The new capsule is available in sizes 36 to 46, and was Louboutin’s way of continuing the conversation of diversity and inclusion. Julia Toledano says it is all about magic. In Nodaleto’s Spring 2022 shoe collection, she wanted to capture the energy of natural light through feelgood pastel colors and rainbow patterns. Lilac hues are described as the color of hope, according to the designer, in jewelry embellishments utilizing good vibration stones, etc. They were applied on the brand’s signature square toe, block heel Mary Janes and sandals.  as Toledano is set on offeringSeveral additions included square toe flat boots, and lace up sandals doused in regal purple brocades. The tribute part of the show showcases one-off designs created by participating designers. The first lady of France, Brigitte Macron, is seated among celebrities and fashion lovers. Elbaz’s own look for his newly launched label, AZ Factory, was made by the presentation. Dries van Noten has created a coat with a print featuring Elbaz. The model of Anja Rubik, wearing his uniform, paid homage to his playful personal styeAlso returned wearing a gown by Comme des Garçons. Elbaz worked on AZ Factory’s fashion week collection in his last days, one that bears his signature style. A unique fleece fabric made from organic cotton and innovative seaweed blend was partnered by the brand as part of its commitment to inclusivity and sustainability.



Pierre Hardy’s ‘Planet’ range was a celebration of someone who always designed with the person in mind.:

The OpenSea marketplace is also visible, or your hands on one of these (almost) unique NFTs are made and possibly even yourSome of the NFTs are in series of one while others are in series of 100. Fashion is taking over after disrupting the visual arts. Houses such as Gucci, Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana experiment with nonfungible tokens. RelaxNews by AFP. The NFT can be accessed by tapping the garment label with a smartphone, which will guide the user to the Alber & AmigoThis approach to NFTs is befitting of Alber as they provide a significant use case for the technology. The Drum’s newly launched NFT store will sell a select range of Alber Elbaz NFT T-shirts. One other idea he never realized, but always dreamed of was to create what he sometimes referred to as a traveling theater of fashionHowever, he did not want to make his version dollsize, he wanted to enlist a cohort of his designers to create it. Pierre Hardy launched the new sustainable range titled ‘Planet. ‘Hardy makes a range called Planet that shows how he goes about supporting sustainability. It was a celebration of someone who always designed with the person in mind.  It was a celebration of the tribute. Back to his map were put by him alone. His legacy will live on as a rainbow of pink confetti fell from the ceiling and the models danced. You can toggle the active to passive.