Axie Infinity Meme Contest


The Impossible Meme Contest will be presented by Axie Infinity. Are you attracted to Axie?We would like crazymes about Axie like the one in our Penguins or brand assets, learned more and enter the competition. The top two memes will be awarded a three month sponsorship for Impossible Axie. A contest for Axie Infinity memes has been sparked by the Korean language squib on Netflix Inc. The contest announcement is made by Jeffrey Jiho Zirlin, cofounder of Axie, on Sunday night on Twitter. The winner would receive five AXS, and that would be worth approximately $684. The secondplace meme reward was $2 AXS, 273 would be rewarded by 20. The Meme Contest, August 8-12, 2021, is organised by Axie Infinity in collaboration with Impossible Finance. The chance to win an Impossible Axie sponsorship is stood by the top memes and voters, up to four. The top two Memes will win a three month Impossible Axie Sponsorship.



Memes Who Voted Third to Tenth Place Will Win US$5 in IF Tokens and 0 cashTwo AxS Tokens:

Two things to do are PDF and live training, AXS, and 5 US$ worth of IF tokens. If you go from 3rd to tenth place, the Memes will each win US$5 in IF tokens and 0 cashTwo AxS tokens, and threeThe winner will have 10 votes, which would be 0 based on the random pool of voters. 05 AXS token and USD$2 IF token. The first step is to create your meme about Axie Infinity and Impossible Finance. The submission period is 4 days and can be submitted to Gleam in jpg or gif format. You can vote by using Gleam just after the Memes submission period ends. Immediately after the Memes submission period you can vote on your favorite Meme via Gleam. The comments posted by Post. Five axes to the winnerThere are two AXS to second place. I would like for one AXS to third. Good luck! 26 were traded by The Jiho, on October 2, 2021. Over the next 24 hours it was 42% higher at $136. This is approximately 84. During the past seven days, 106 have been shot up by the tokenYou can see the percentage affected by the transfer from active to passive. The efforts of the Axie cofounder have produced some fruit, and memes posted on the social media platform were responded to by him. Beast’s cards have been skyrocketed by AXS since the beginning of 2021It is the coin with the highest year to date gains. Memes who voted third to tenth will each win US$5 worth of IF tokens, and 0. Two AXS tokens, three. Random selected, ten lucky voters, from the pool of voters from the 10 winning Memes will be picked by the pool of voters from the 10 winning05axs token and USD$2 if token. Step 3 Submit via Gleam within the four day submission period. Please send an image in jpg/gif format within four days of being submitted. You can vote on your favorite Memes via Gleam right after the Memes submission period. The top ten of the list will go into a second and can be voted on via Step 5.



The Game Introduced People to a New Technology called Blockchain:

Axies are virtual worlds with fierce, adorable pets. Some of these pets can be battled, collected, and even used to earn cryptocurrencies with real value. The game introduced people to an exciting but sometimes scary technology called Blockchain. About Hooga Gaming a young organization looking to be the leader in the P2E ESport scene such as Axie. A blockchain gaming project with a nonfungible token focus is well received. A South Korean drama is the “biggest competitor” of Hollywood, said Elle. Axie has a large player base in some of the same markets as Asia, making it incredibly popular. On Friday, 0 was closed by Netflix shares. The total value of the item is $613, which is 46% higher. Cryptocurrencies can be attacked, collected, and even used to earn these pets with real value. A fun, beautiful game was used to build a blockchain technology.  It is exciting, but sometimes scary.