Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia and IPO Status


Education and training helps increase the number of qualified blockchain developers in the region. Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, on October. Quite rapidly it is developed by the world.  One of them is NFT.  Currently attracts the world. NFT is a type of blockchain technology and refers to a token created by one of the developers on the Ethereum platform. The name of 2021 Crunchbase Inc was changed from active to passive. All rights reserved. Indonesia is the official blockchain and digital asset association that is incorporated by Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia, or The Indonesian Blockchain Association. Blockchain is a market place with companies and industry players. The official blockchain association for Indonesia is a-B-I.



Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia:

Foster and Foster enhance the maturity of blockchain founders & start-ups. I train and consult corporate leaders looking at blockchain applications. NFT can also be defined as a token that is proof of legal ownership of a digital asset, specifically digital artwork such as audio files. NFT currently has unique, original, and rare characteristics making it one of the new types of crypto assets that is becoming mainstream and a trend. The trend of NFT was grew quite quickly by NFT.  After a digital artist was sold by Mike Winkelmann (Beeple)Three million, which is more or less equivalent to RpOne trillion. The essence of rarity is the essence of a work of art, or the scarcity of works sold by a digital artist, so the attentionThe popularity of NFT is on the rise and spreading to Indonesia. Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia accessed new leads and connects decision makers. There are more contacts for Asosiasi Blockchain, Indonesia and IPO Status.  The total number of Crunchbase contacts associated with thisG. A non-profit organization.  It is not attached to a specific company. The Association was inaugurated in March 2018 by the Chairman of KADIN, Indonesia’s Chamber of Commerce. We are constantly making updates to share with government policy makers, companies and universities about the industry look. We are committed to becoming the government’s partner in spreading awareness of Blockchain and Digital Assets in Indonesia. The goal of the association is to facilitate the rapid adoption of blockchain technology in an era of industry 4I would say 0 through integration, collaboration and knowledge exchange.



NFT for Local Artists in Indonesia:

I believe it is. Raden Sayyid painted a painting in 1871. The NFT of the 150yearold painting is organized by BENTARA.  The goal is to sell the NFT. Asih Karnengsih who is the Chairwoman of the Indonesian Blockchain Association appreciated this idea. Asih said there is an excellent solution or opportunity available by NFT for local artists in Indonesia. It’s G. The legal name of the organization, the general contact email address for the organization, and alternate or past names. Our members represent the leading crypto and blockchain companies in Indonesia and in the region. It is an option from active to passive. I am either active or passive.