We have varied overseas marketing projects and would show you one of the primary markets today.

Token symbol: ANV
Total number of issued: 51 million
Listed price: Start at $0.100 (currently: $0.156)

The system mechanism of HEAVEN is the same as that of ANX, but since the amount of ANV in DROP is very few, therefore most likely none of ANV is available on the market. But, in the situation above, the comparison of 50:50 (ANV: USDT) is needed for dealing with HEAVEN.

Then what should we do for that?

When the users buy ANV on the exchange and make HEAVEN, then “Order Book” is inevitably getting thick.
In other words, the Token is designed as a stable long-term price increase that can be expected with a well-balanced supply and demand.

In the Greater China region, projects are launched one after another more than any other country, but 90% of scam projects last less than three months, or rather most likely all of them.

However, NOBORDER.z has a proven track record of six months and has a certain substantial platform, content, and services more than anything else out there.

So, many people get fascinated as a profitable business rather than speculation like money game, and more new users are delightfully coming into our community.

The marketing power has certainly been decreased due to coronavirus pandemic throughout the Greater China region this year. But No Borders deployed there countermeasure, switching the marketing strategy mainly through some new online marketing tools such as TOUKU, etc, the number of users gradually gets increased over and over again!

Let us proudly update the information on other overseas business developments, affiliate tokens, etc. from time to time

Thank You.

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