Angelium release of the Metaverse Alpha Version

Yes, we are stepping forward to the future world of Virtual Space, the primary business of ANGELIUM now!


Yes, we are stepping forward to the future world of Virtual Space now.

Here is the direct link to download, if you have VR goggles (Oculus Quest), Please download and experience the future now.

There is a huge misunderstanding about  ANGELIUM being a porn film content producer but it’s NOT!

However, no wonder to let users get having that kind of different corporate image with the misunderstandings. We needed to let our primary marketing process as a porn-related product to accelerate increasing the company’s revenue. The simple and higher in demand promotions rather than doing with the difficult technologies and foreseeing the movements of the future at the moment.

The situation is being so different from the marketing overview of ANGELIUM.


A progressive manufacturer that creates virtual spaces utilizing AR and VR technologies in collaboration with major companies that create 3D digital content such as Tekken in “Ryuga Gotoku” and GANTZ.

ANGELIUM is the latest technology that enables faster, higher-quality VR and AR experiences by sharing the power of rendering. Streaming the 3DCG by all computers on the network connected by the blockchain. “Proof of Rendering and Streaming” is a futuristic project that creates a virtual space (METAVERSE) platform with 3D avatars and XR technology.

We would proudly continue to provide services as a next-generation platform creator from now on!

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