ANGELIUM Conference Tokyo 2019

As the users of Asian countries enter, we are pleased to announce that a large conference will be held.

The Asian expansion for a large market has finally begun. Overseas preparations are being mysteriously promoted, and overseas marketers are preparing for a full launch.

In addition to marketing, the 3DCG team in Malaysia dedicated to the film “GANTZ” “Ryu ga Gotaku” and others which is established by the 3DCG engineer of the virtual space synonymous film “The Matrix”, EOS blockchain technicians, the promoter who has participated in the promotion of BIGBANG ,Jay Chou and other top Asian and some of the services provided by ANGELIUM will finally be published and made available for the full launch.

On the day, active sexy actress and idol unit “AIVY ‘” will also participate, so please look forward to the details

2019.09.23 Heavens Day▽ Preview Video


Date: September 23 (Mon. / Holiday)
Time: 15:00 open / 15:30 start
Location: United Cinema AQUA CITY Odaiba
7−1, 1-Chome, Odaiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Limited no of Seats

608 seats, No on sight registrations only “e-ticket” users can participate.

Thank you.

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