Amitabh Bachchan, 74


Amitabh Bachchan is celebrating his 74th birthday this year.  What better way to celebrate this Bollywood legend than by remembering him?He created history with some of his best lines. Man starts off as a simpleton who quickly learns the ways of the world. His dominance is only heightened by this dialogue, giving his character an edge. I speak English. Amitabh Bachchan is 74 years old, and what better way to honor this Bollywood legend than remember some of his iconic dialogues. Here’s what made him famous and some of his best lines are taken by Here. A simpleton begins as a simpleton who quickly learns the ways of the world. Lionel Messi scored his first hat trick in this season’s 4-1 victory over Celta Vigo at Camp Nou. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat trick in the spanish league as he was equaled by Messi. He is a living legend in Bollywood, his stellar performances are idolised in films.  His untouchable starlike status is achieved by him. Having just looked at a decades long filmography, Big B has paved a career studded with blockbuster hits and tremendous box officeOnly his flawless execution of those legendary dialogues that Amitabh delivers is what truly makes them timeless.



The Angering Young Man Found A New Face With Ab Sr:

The famous lines of Big B made just that happenA corrupt cop, by day, and a vigilante, by night, is helping the poor and the needy. Big B played both roles well, and he does a great job of controlling the room. jab tak baithne ko na kaha jaaye sharafat se khade raThe angry young man in Ab Sr found a new face with this film. He gave life to his character, but also breathed life into these lines. We can say, ‘We are here, aadmi ka sign le ke aao jisne mera Yes. The transitions are active to passive. Kar Doonga was arranged by Uske Baad. – Deewar When you’re placed on the defensive side, you’re placed on the offensive side. The lines are iconic, and just that is done by Big B. Naam Hai Shahenshah Shahenshah is a corrupt cop by day and a vigilante by night. Both were acted by Big B with aplomb. jab tak baithne ko na kaha jaaye sharafat se khade raAn angry young man found a new face in the film, AB Sr. He gave his character life, but also breathed life into these lines. We can agree to sign when you make it.  Yes, I would say soThere is a difference between active and passive. The sign is Uske Bad, Uske Bad, Mere Bhai, Tum Jahan kahoge main wahan. Deewar Put On the Defensive, Go One The Offense. La Liga decided to cherish Messi’s stunning performance by adding a Bollywood touch, as celebrations were at its peakAfter his hat trick, La Liga posted a photo of thumbs up on its social media. The article is written by La Liga, Hum Jaha Pe Khade Hote Hai, Line Wahi Se Shuru Hoti Hai. Messi has a significant advantage because we have the best player in the world on our side, teammate Sergio Busquets said. He used to find free kicks hard, but he has been improving. Please enable JavaScript.  The strong masculine attitude, in particular hatred, and a search for justice fuel Vijay’s hostile manner. In the remake of Agneepath, Hrithik Roshan delivered this classic line like Don. Many of Amitabh’s classic lines can not be obtained by the Bollywood film industry. Kaalia (1981) wrote Hum jahan khade ho jaate hain, line wahi se shuru hoti haA dialogue such as that could be delivered by Amitabh Bachchan with such confidence without it turning into arroganceThe film begins with a nave shy guy who goes to prison, it does not take long for him to transform into a man. The dialogue in the movie made a tough man image change more noticeable but still made it memorable. The total is 4.



The Number of Bees is ka beedi peeta hoon:

a funny exchange, akin to the above line where Big B manages to unsettle Hema’s character, making her realiseThe number of bees is ka beedi peeta hoon, kaam karta hoon cooliThe story is never forgotten because of the near death experience, which caused fans to pray for Big B’s life. This insight is in an introduction scene to Bachchan’s character. Hema manages to unsettle her character and remind her that she is talking. Iqbal is hain. This movie will always be remembered because of the near death experience that had fans praying for Big B’s life. A special excerpt from a film that portrays the character of Bachchan in addition to an introductory scene engraved into the memories of his fans. His presence around us is a real boostBarcelona is currently the leading player in the La Liga points table.  It currently has 25 points from 12 matches. Real Madrid, second place, eased to a 4-0 win at Eibar but are not in real Madrid. I believe it is one of the active to passive types. I found seven. Sholay wrote ‘Nahi hai is tarah kaa insaan nahi hai is decided,’ in 1975.