Alesso’s NFT debut – Dreamverse


The NFT Art Gallery and Music Festival event Dreamverse will debut for the first time. An Audiovisual Journey through the Cosmos is going big for his NFT debut.  Fans will experience an audiovisual journey through the Cosmos. Alesso announced Dreamverse, the first NFT combined art gallery and music festival event. Alesso’s NFT debut takes fans on a digital audiovisual journey through the cosmos. The new series, named Cosmos Genesis, is available on the Eco Friendly NFT startup OneOf. The Javascript is not available. Fans can follow the activities and interactions of their favorite stars on social media and gain unprecedented visibility. It looks like things will take a step further. The company possesses the premise of creating a social network that rewards fans for loyalty.  Stars can be connected to a greater audience to beThis is why Olyseum has created the experiential NFT (xNFT). Look Labs created a digital fragrance.  We used near infrared spectroscopy to create a digital reflection of the scent. In order to produce a digital artwork, Look Labs recorded the molecular wavelengths of a perfume called Cyber Eau de Parfum. Cyber Eau de Parfum translates the scent into an NFT artwork.  It’s the world’s first digital fragrance.



Alesso’s Token Journey:

Alesso’s token journey awaits fans with free and limited edition drops. Social media will be a method used by the Swedish Dance Music luminary in to reveal cryptic clues. The decoder can be obtained by opting in on The One. The token for Chapter 1 will be airdropped by fans that successfully decode the message on October 14th. Each chapter contains four chapters, each representing a curated audiovisual experience and a slice of Alesso’s vast vision. Every segment includes new music by a producer who is very successful. Alesso’s decoder NFT will provide your guide to deciphering the artist’s encrypted social media messages. Fans who opt to engage Alesso’s nonfungible token journey will be served the promise of free, limited edition drops. The Swedish Dance Music luminary will decode cryptic clues using a special decoder called NFT. It is possible to obtain the OneOf website by opting in on the FirstOf website. The token for the first chapter will be airdropped by fans who able to successfully decode the messageEach of the video’s represent the four chapters in all, and give Alesso a slice of the great visionNew music from the hit producing producer is included in each segment. Alesso’s decoder NFT will provide you with the guide to deciphering the artist’s encrypted social media messages. In our browser, JavaScript is disabled. Please enable JavaScript or use a supported browser in order to continue using twitter. Com is enabled by com. xNFTs allow you to have experiences and engage in other things. The world of fandom has been influenced by physical collectibles for many years. According to Grenoir, this new form of interaction will be different from the one fans had previously. Fans want to get a piece of art or signed tshirts as well. I think that’s a really nonfungible asset. I suggest doing it like this, notes Grenoir. Olyseum’s community can create xNFTs and experiences. xNFTs will include the rights to interact with celebrities. The technology will also allow for a connection between stars and fans. A new standard could be set by this innovative approach, as the right to approach celebrity engagement will become a tradable asset. A method to measure the molecular vibrations of physical objects was used by the studio. The NIRS produced a reading of the perfume, which was recorded in form of spectrum data to detail the molecular makeup of the perfume. Look Labs integrated the data into a limited edition digital artwork created in collaboration with Sean Carney, a Montreal based digital artist. The digital fragrance is the extracted digital reflection of a physical scent.  Look Labs founder Jodan Katzarov told Dezeen. In this particular case, the scientific data was visually represented by us as artwork.



AlessoA New York Theme Event Kicks Off on November 4th:

The tokens from Chapters 2 and 4 from limited to one of a kind will be available. The event starts on November 4th. Since raising 63 million in a seed round earlier this year, tech entrepreneurs and one of co-founders Lin Dai, Joshua James, andArtists such as John Legend and Doja Cat have begun to mint NFT projects on the platform. The tokens from the chapters 2 to 4 ranging in exclusivity from limited to one of a kind will be released as AlessoA New York themed event kicks off on November 4th. Tech entrepreneurs Lin Dai and Joshua James have raised nearly $63million since they raised a seed funding earlier this year. You can see a list of supported browsers in our help center. Help Center has a variety of options from active to passive. The experience can be claimed by the holder of an xNFT by simply connecting their wallet in which the xNFT is held. Fans and celebrities are motivated by this to participate in the Olyseum ecosystem. Katzarov stated that there exists a significant market potential for digital fragrances. Imagine some type of Pokémon card resembling what the perfumer wanted to represent with the scent. He added, you will help limit the number of counterfeit fragrances, but additional collectable value will benefit you.