Alesso’s Decoder NFT Decodes the Artist’s Encrypted Social Media Messages


The first ever NFT art gallery and music festival event Dreamverse will debut. The Cosmos takes fans on an audiovisual journey.  An audiovisual journey is going big for his NFT debut. Alesso will schedule Dreamverse, the first combined NFT art gallery and music festival event. Alesso has made his NFT debut and is taking viewers on an audiovisual journey through the cosmos. The upcoming series, titled Cosmos Genesis, arrives via an innovative NFT startup, OneOf. The JavaScript program is not available. Social media has opened doors to unprecedented visibility.  Fans can follow the activities and interactions of their favorite stars. There are plans to extend that beyond just visibility. The company envisions creating a social ecosystem, which rewards fans for loyalty and allows stars to be closer to their fans. For this reason, Olyseum creates the experiential NFT. Look Labs, a Berlin based company, created a digital perfume. Look Labs recorded the molecular wavelengths of a perfume called Cyber Eau de Parfum for a digital artwork which is currently titledThe fragrance Cyber Eau De Parfum was translated into an NFT artwork making it the world’s first digital fragrance. The unisex fragrance that will be launched later this month is isex.



Alesso’s Token Journey – Free, Limited Edition Drops:

For fans who choose to embark on Alesso’s token journey, a free, limited edition drop is waiting. Social media may reveal cryptic clues, however, a special decoder such as NFT should be used to decode them. The ‘Decoder’, you guide to unlocking Chapter 1 of the cosmic Genesis story can be achieved by opting in to the One andFans who decode the message will airdrop the chapter 1 token to them on October 14th. The video series also includes four chapters each of which represents a new curated audiovisual experience and slice of Alesso’s grand legacy. Each segment includes new music. Alesso’s decoder NFT will decode your guide to deciphering the artist’s encrypted social media messages. Those fans who choose to embark on Alesso’s nonfungible token journey, the promise of free, limited edition drops awaits. The Swedish dance music luminary will reveal cryptic clues through social media. You can access the decoder by opting in on the website OneOf. Fans that successfully decode the message will receive the token for Chapter 1. The video series includes four chapters each representing a new curated audiovisual experience and slice of Alesso’s grand visionEach segment includes new music by the music producer who is a hit. Your guide is going to be deciphering the artist’s encrypted social media messages. JavaScript is disabled in this browser. To continue using Twitter, please enable JavaScript or switch to a supported browser. It is required by com. Experiences and engagement can be monetized by XNFTs. Fans have been influenced by the physical collectibles for decades and they are familiar with them. Based on experiences with stars, they are expected to be different from the one fans had previously.  A new form of interaction will be included by GrenaPeople desire something unique, not just a piece of art or signed T-shirts.  They also want an experience. That actually has a real nonfungible assetGrenoir would say that in a way similar to this. Olyseum’s community can create, sell, and lend XNFTs and experiences. xNFTs will include the rights to interact with celebrities. Additionally, it will be allowed, by the technology, the certification of the connection between stars and fans. To create the artwork the studio used near infrared spectroscopy. Reading of the perfume, which was recorded in form of spectrum data to detail the molecular makeup of the perfume. The data was incorporated by Look Labs into a limited edition digital artwork created in collaboration with Montreal-based digital artist Sean CarThe digital scent is the explanation for the so-called extracted digital reflection of a physical scent. We visually depict the scientific data as artwork. The answer would be a machine that can reproduce the scent back, or an algorithm that can detect it. The digital artworks took cues from the physical packaging of the perfume and a photorealistic rendering of the perfume bottle was rotated.



xNFT New York Event:

One of the tokens from Chapters 2 to 4 will be released with exclusivity ranging from limited to one of a kind. The event will be held at a location in New York on November 4th. Four or five tokens for the chapters two or four, ranging in exclusivity from limited to one of a kind, will be released as AThe New York event will start on November 4th. This year the seed round raised $63 million, where Top Talent is Attracted by Entrepreneurs and OneOfCofounders. Artists are collaborating on NFT projects on the platform by Alesso. View a list of supported browsers in our help center. The Active to Passive Help Center. xNFT holders simply can claim that experience simply by connecting their wallet in which the NFT is held. Fans and celebrities are encouraged by this to participate in the Olyseum ecosystem. Celebrities are going to generate an experience from xNFTs, and also from renting it. It is possible to experience the experience of buying this NFT with a meaning. Katzarov says there is a huge market potential for digital fragrances in the form of NFT pieces presenting the sensation of a scent. Imagine something like a Pokemon card.  That represents what the perfumer wanted to represent with the scent. If every fragrance comes with it, I think an NFT will help limit the number of counterfeit fragrances, he added.