Alesso’s ‘Cosmic Genesis’ NFT Collection


The NFT movement is still very active, and new artists are taking a large part in the digital art space. The favorite Swedish star Alesso debuts his NFT collection with One of, the green NFT space built for the music community. Three different drops are formed by Alesso’s NFT collection, entitled Cosmo Genesis. Alesso was selected as the green NFT platform created for the music community and partnered with OneOf to release his debut NFT collection. The first single from Alesso’s cosmic Genesis collection will be released today at 4pm ET on OneOfAwesome. A computer referred to as com is used to be able to perform this action. Alesso will schedule several of his exclusive audiovisual experiences, and Dreamverse will debut for the first time. Asso is making a big statement when he makes his NFT debut, taking fans on a video journey through the cosmos. Dreamverse will be hosting a NFT Festival this November 4th. Beeples and other artists from the NFT exhibited the series Everydays, The First 5,000 Days. Participants will enjoy EDM music performed by artists Alesso, RAC, and PLS&TY. I have been craving the chance to enjoy great music as well as appreciate futuristic and avantgarde digital artworks, since last year.



Alesso’s ‘Cosmic Genesis’ NFT Collection:

He created a series of video clips, that were divided into chapters I to IV. The drop is not only about owning a piece of digital art, it also provides an opportunity for fans to engage in some creative activity. A free decoder NFT is used to crack messages that Alesso himself will post on his social media channels, and when. The last single titled The Formation is predicted to be released on November 4th and will consist of, described by the website. Another reason is that a significant date is considered important, for another reason and another reason.  November 4 will be performed by Alesso on that dayTickets are available for the event at Terminal 5 in New York City. Alesso’s ‘Cosmic Genesis’ NFT collection revolves around a series of video clips that are divided into Chapters IThe videos from Rough Draft Studios and the music by Alesso are reminiscent of a warped distant galaxy. For starters, fans have the option to opt in to receive a special Decoder NFT that allows them to decipher messages that AlessThe gold tier NFT, the Chapter I Video Token, that will be released on October 14 will be won by fans that correctly decode thePlatinum, Diamond, and OneOf NFT tokens will all be released on November 4, while Alesso performs at Dreamverse. These drops allow for the holding of many exclusive, curated experiences and collectibles from Alesso. For more information, go to Alesso’s oneOfDrop. The Swedish dance music luminary will decode cryptic clues using social media. The Decoder guides you to unlocking Chapter 1 of the Cosmic Genesis story. Fans who successfully decode the message will be able to drop the token on October 14th. The videos features four chapters, each of which represents a new, curated audiovisual experience and slice of Alesso’s character. New music by this prolific producer is included in every segment. Alesso’s decoder NFT will provide a guide to deciphering the artist’s encrypted social media messages. One of the tokens from chapters 2-4, in exclusivity from limited to one of a kind, will be released as AThe event begins on November 4th. The first event will take place at Terminal 5 in New York City, planned by Dreamverse, by the end of November 4. Metapurse was founded by Vignesh Sundaresan, also known as Metakovan and is a crypto-collector andIt should come as no surprise that the rare NFT produced by the artist was sold for $69 million after the auctionThe song is called Everydays, i. e. , the first 5,000 days by Beeple. A two part event that will generate a fresh sort of revitalized energy for all the participants, right in the heart of Manhattan. Although there is some natural light, the gallery is expected to generate incredible digital art exhibits.



OneOfOneOf is a New NFT Platform:

You can also find more information about Alesso’s drop by visiting the website: Oneof. Our Journey only starts at Cosmo Genesis. You should claim the free Decoder.  It will help you avoid missing out on what is to come. In these recent Rolling Stone and Fast Company pieces, you can read more about OneOfOneOf is a new NFT platform designed specifically for the music community.  It’s a sustainable and artist & fan friendly experience. A NFT is released on OneOf’s platform for about two million times less energy than other proof of work networks.  Since raising $63 million in a seed round earlier this year, tech entrepreneurs and OneOf cofounders have had top talent. Other musicians such as John Legend and Doja Cat are joined by Alessolo. This date is today, October 7th at 4 p. m.  EDT (1 p. m.  EDTFollow Alessio on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify. Metakovan is promoting their NFT collection by showing fans and sharing the collection with the public. This is to decipher and differentiate the concept of nonfungible tokens and to assist individuals who are still confused and perplexed. He wants to show that Dreamverse is the spectacular result when NFTs finally make landfall.