Aimedis to Launch the World’s First Medical and Scientific NFT Marketplace


Aimedi, a company from UAE, will launch the first medical and scientific NFT marketplace. The Aimedis ecosystem consists of the patient centered platform, the professional platform, AIMSocial plus user content. All the programs are available on the web and mobile in multiple languages. The world’s first medical and scientific NFT marketplace is also supported by it. Dr.  Ben O. eHealth by Aimedis combines health data, online prescriptions, and video consultation with doctors to create one platform and in one location. Michael Kaldasch, founder and CEO of Aimedis, stated: “Our platform was created to honor patients, healthcare professionals, and institutionsWe recently launched our AIMX token and it’s the world’s first medical and scientific NFT marketplace. A multibillion dollar business is steadily growing every year. Total spending in research and development was estimated to be 186 billion. That would be S dollars. The healthcare system has been set up upside down by Aimedis. The NFT platform has taken a next step towards the future. We reported on the blockchain technology that Aimedis would like to use to improve healthcare a month ago. The doctor. He is an international recognized K-12 educator.  He is a subject matter expert on Non Fungible Tokens. A teacher, Dr. Jeremy has worked as a teacher, vice principal, principal, and superintendent in North America and the Middle East.



Blockchain and Blockchain in the Healthcare Sector in MENA:

The Cofounder and COO of Aimedis said access to proper, safe and up to date medical treatment was honoured. A platform that can store, transfer, and validate all kinds of medical data. We’re proud to be the first decentralised and incentivised healthcare platform to launch the world’s first medical and scientific B2BIn order to broaden the multitrillion dollar market, mainstream and standardise the process of monetising medical and scientific data. Participation will be possible for the following groups of healthcare providers. Until today, medical and scientific data is hard to market because of uncoordinated and unstandardised data collection processes. A number of instances of handwritten data acquisition errors occur while data is entered and copied. Whether using cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, or using artificial intelligence, we are very proud of using technology such as those using intelligent contracts, smart graphics,We are thrilled to be partnering with UAE-based Infodriver to expand our presence in the GCC and MENA region. We welcome Mr. Kirill Mishanin has been transferred to our advisory board. The cooperation and partnership will strengthen Aimedis’ blockchain and token operations and speed up the implementation of blockchain in the healthcare sector in the MENAKirill Mishanin said we would work with Aimedis to expand their token holders and buyer network in the MENA regionThey will be able to integrate their blockchain backed medical data solution with health care providers in the future. One of the ways that pharmaceutical companies utilize medical data is for research and development.  Medical and scientific data can support research and development of pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies pay to utilize large volumes of data generated by healthcare institutions and medical service providers. For this reason, pharmaceutical companies must obtain reliable sources of medical data in order to ensure safety and effectiveness of research and development procedures. In the decision making process, a development drug is not always a direct route, where one option is always clearly dominant, or right. At times, they made a conscious effort to recover, because data collection processes in the health and science sector are still unclear and in flux. On the blockchain, data records are stored anonymously. Only the buyer can access the information using a private keyIn other words, exactly which route can be tracked by participants and how is it used and on which route is the data being collected?NFT in general is classified by platform into two groups. On the one hand they are burned after the first data access, and are labelled Single Use NFT. On the other hand, Multiuse NFT continue to circulate through the ecosystem after they have been used. An intrapreneur focused on creating relevant and compelling learning opportunities for students and staff. Implemented K-12 financial literacy, entrepreneurial fellowships, and career guidance programming.  The goal is helping students find their purpose before attending university. Also, doctor. Jeremy started the first school sanctioned esports team in the United Arab EmiratesI’m Dr. Eventually becoming an international recognized expert in nonfungible tokens. The host of the podcast NFTeach is Dr. Jeremy interviews global experts on blockchain, NFT, crypto, and DeFi.



AIMX Offers 60,000,000 AIMX Tokens:

The launch of its public sale will coincide with the launch of its public sale. Apparently a public sale on Pancakeswap will be followed by their IDO powered by Binance Smartchain. AIMX offers 60,000,000 tokens out of the 600,000,000 AIMX token total offered by the company for both private and public sale. The value 0 represents the price per AIMX token. AIMSocial will be released by Aimedis in the near future. Infodriver is an UAE Based Blockchain consulting and IT marketing company.  It is backed by the IDR token and Liquidity Pools profitsThe patients, healthcare professionals, and institutions are honored by the AIMX token and the world’s first medical & scientific NFT marketplace. The fourth, is that space agencies are changed from active to passive. Aimedis charges a fee for creating, selling or buying an NFT. All transactions on the NFT platform can be paid for via fiat or crypto. The best conditions are only available through Aimedis’ own AIMX token, which allows for significant discounts. Currently, 135 millions of AIMs are available for institutional and private investors as part of the IDO project. DrJeremy earned a PhD in Business and Organizational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University. We are pursuing degrees in Turnaround Leadership and Educational Leadership from Marian University as well as Indiana Wesleyan University. Similarly, Dr. Jeremy holds a BA in Elementary Education from Indiana University.