“HEAVEN BONUS” that we are currently running will be phased out and would be converted to the concept of “XLEVEL” as we announced previously.

Even though the DROP amount fluctuates and shares with users affected by each LEVEL, but looks like some of the ANL holders didn’t get completed ”Merge” yet so far.

The formula to get calculated XLEVEL(ANL)

XLEVEL(ANL) is calculated as it’s automatically getting HEAVEN, and currently to make HEAVEN90 four times in a row is required after Jan 1, 2019.

We plan to announce further details of the XLEVEL(ANL) formula later on.

However, ANL holders who didn’t get Merged yet cannot be applicable for XLEVEL, therefore please take action to get Merged now.

Note: XLEVEL(ANL) would be provided in a case if merged gets done after February, but all the DROP that have been made so far would be lost.

This means the users are able to get the benefit from XLEVEL(ANL) formula in a case if MERGED gets completed by 23:59 on Jan 31, 2020.

Thank You.

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