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NoBorders is a leading software company in the world of Blockchain, Cross Reality, and AI (artificial intelligence). It was founded by Rio Takeshi Kubo in 2017. NoBorders is providing the best platform to create a world full of wonderful and exciting products without any boundaries. The company develops its product considering the requirements, capabilities, and goals of both corporations and end-users. NoBorders’ goal is to create a world full of amazing and alluring things without any limitations for its users.


NoBorders is working on 3 world-changing technologies to impact the lives of people.

Artificial Intelligence

NoBorders software company is dedicated to delivering its products with AI (artificial intelligence) technology to impact the lives of people. Its products are based on AI technology which makes it the most reliable platform to use. NoBorders is specialized in building artificial intelligent based products backed by high-end technology.


NoBorders works on Blockchain products to make wonders across borders. All products offered by NoBorders are decentralized and record the provenance of digital assets which makes it the most secure and trusted platform in several ways.

교차 현실

NoBorders offers a cross reality platform which is a combination of the virtual world and the real, physical world we live on. It allows users to create new forms of reality by bringing physical things into the virtual world. Its blockchain technology in the cross reality platform allows users to verify the value and authenticity of virtual items.


NoBorders has headquartered in Japan. It has offices in other countries such as in Korea, Pakistan, India, China, the USA, Taiwan,  Estonia, Seychelles, and Curacao.


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교차현실 플랫폼


Metaverse(가상세계)는 사용자가 가상 현실에서 또다른 삶을 위한 자유와 힘을 가질 수 있도록 하는 블록체인 기반의 교차 현실 플랫폼입니다.

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