Our valued ANL holders, it is here what you have been waiting for. Finally, the most exciting scene for our ANL gets listed onboard soon.

Detailed schedule:

  • Listing time: at 7:00 pm on Feb 17,(JST)
  • The Exchange dealing would start at 7:00 pm on Feb 20,
  • The Exchange Name: In-house exchange

Currency pair: ANL/ANX

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  • What happens when ANL goes LISTED?

The sidechain projects like ANV, BDA and much more would be listed on Tranxia cryptocurrency exchange as a tokenized platform.

The price increasing uptrend for ANL/ANX can be expected.
This is because the sidechain project operator purchases ANL as the listing fee and ANL will be required for all transactions (the same principle that ETH is required for sending ERC20 tokens), and ANL will be getting used all the way.

Various other third party projects would satisfactorily enter the platform.

The platform revenue streams would expand not only with the listing fee from TRANXIA cryptocurrency exchange along with the contents promotion incomes from the ANGELIUM users but also with the usage of ANL from all the transactions of the market.

The situations following would occur,
Since ANX is needed to get ANL, the exchange process goes as shown below


ANX firstly needs to be used to get ANL.
So, ANX easily gets stronger in the situation of the ANX/BTC pair,
ANL easily gets stronger in the situation of the ANL/ANX pair.
In other words, both ANX and ANL would be easily getting up-trend tendencies with the situation above.

  • According to each XLEVEL, “Only the users who made HEAVEN” are qualified for the targeted DROP.

(Originally, the funding source for the DROP is provided by calculation to let the total sum of ANX from TRANXIA cryptocurrency exchange revenue plus ANL from content’s promotion revenue and more get divided according to the total number of levels)

  •  As a token burn measure by the end of April 2020.

Total 8.4 billion ANL have issued would go to 1.5 billion ANL (Reducted to about 1/8)
Total 8.4 billion ANX has issued would go to 4.2 billion ANX (Reducted to the half)

We would dare to reduce the supply despite the situation that other companies’ projects are getting scheduled to enter the market one after another.
This means the situation goes like more people are getting in(demand ↑), then on a contrary, the lesser number of currencies get on board(supply ↓).

The launch of this content is just the beginning of the beta version.

We would proudly let the total sum of the annual revenue gets strengthen by launching various content one after another this year along with some huge scale promotions both domestically and internationally and carrying out the selling pressure with increasing the redemption.

Thank You.

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