A Twitter Space Drop Party With Jesse


We waited for a couple of weeks to get our ducks in a row. The CC NFT bills will be officially dropped by us on October 28th at 2pm. It is M. EST is carried by EST. We are having a Twitter Space drop party with Jesse. The team is NeSilva (NFT master), Alejandro Machado (our own cryptocurrency guru) and Jess. We were away for a couple of weeks to prepare.  Now we are. We will officially drop the CC NFT bills on October 28th at 2 p. m. It is called M. It is EST. We hosted a Twitter Space drop party with JThe guys are N Silva, Alejandro Machado, and Jess Chuban. Caracas Chronicles created an NFT drop of its own bills that was originally designed and released in 2015 for a campaign to shed light on theMany Venezuelan politicians were confused by the campaign back thenI find it funny. The beginning of a project to integrate blockchain solutions to design a sustainable model to fund independent journalism in Venezuela (starting with Caracas). JavaScript is not available. The active to passive. Venezuela has slashes the six zeros from the Bs.



Integrated Blockchain Solutions to Fund Independent Journalism in Venezuela Starting With Caracas:

The Caracas Chronicles released their own bill on the occasion of an NFT airdrop in 2015.  It is originally designed and released in 2015. Many reputable, highly notable Venezuelans were confused by the campaign of the time. I find it amusing. I am beginning a project to integrate blockchain solutions to design a sustainable model to fund independent journalism in Venezuela starting with Caracas. So here goes 99 tokens, total will be dropped by us.  33 of each bill. Each token was handmade by our own Sofa Jaimes. She developed a pattern of thirtythree colors erroneouslyWe will have 33 colors of three tokens BsThey are passed by the Active to the Passive. The options 1,000, and B, are operated by the transferring Active to Passive. It is 2,000. Caracas makes a NFT airdrop on the occasion of Venezuela’s third currency redenomination of the century. The campaign made many bigwigs confused. It was humorous. The goal is to integrate blockchain technologies into the design of a sustainable model that would fund independent journalism in Venezuela.  Starting with the capital, CaracasI will drop 99 tokens, of which 33 will be from each bill. Each token was unique, made by our own Sofa Jaimes, the name behind Avila Composición. She developed a pattern that has a total of 33 colors. Additionally, we have built 33 color series of three tokens (Bs)500 B’s are transferred from Active to Passive. The B’s are owned by them. It’s 2,000. Every token also includes a grid view of the entire collection. 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 in 1998. The move from Active to Passive occurred in 1998. 100,000,000,000,000 would amount to US$ 178billion.  Microsoft’s market cap in 1998 was US$ 260billion. That would mean losing the purchasing powerAre we going to be even further?In 1998 you disposed of all the cash that was circulating in Venezuela. You can purchase something for 3 cents. The only thing that Venezuela has is 24 liters of subsidized gasoline. The CC’s Digital Currency Meme during the days of pre hyperinflation Venezuela circa 2016 we saw how the Bs were joined by usThe purchase of power was quickly devalued by F. Venezuelans require a lot of money to complete small daily tasks. In this browser, JavaScript is disabled. Please enable JavaScript or switch to a supported browser, so that twitter can continue using it. The address is com. Between active and passive. The range from active to passive varies. The first letter ‘S’ is given the second ‘B’. Also, online banking is not happening in our country. Also, Bofa zelle which is the most widely used by Venezuelans is also down.



Twitter Journalist Hits a Low Point:

Afterwards politicians began to step on it. This information was reported by Chavista media, La Iguana and ltimas noticias. La Patilla covered it correctly on their second attempt. A low point was made by Twitter journalism. Of course, we did have a laugh. I was helming the Twitter account at the time and Ramos all up fell for it. Politicians began walking on itThe process of citing us as the source was badly criticized by some people, although clearly they had been skipping their Open English classes. Kudos to La Patilla for covering it correctly on their second attempt. Twitter journalist was able to hit an incredibly low point. We had a laugh, of course. We hope that this might help with operations for a time. Independent journalism is having a difficult time at this time.  We need involved funders that understand the value of free speech and the need to support it. Throughout the evolution, we have made the necessary changes such as using less bureaucracy and working more closely with journalists. In our Help Center, you can view a list of supported browsers. Another person has found an important body of art and a legacy of management and promotion of culture. Venezuela recently left one of his most important artists and they left us sad. Always pushing the limits in the worst case scenarios.