1337 Ventures Discovers a Trifecta of a Good Startup Business


1337 Ventures discovers a trio of qualities for a good startup business – Desirability, Viability, and FeasibilityThe best promising startups will be invested by Ventures and Amanz Media in seed funding at the Demo Day on October 15th and 1337. All of the Top 10 startups expect to receive thousands of dollars in digital credit and infrastructure. There is a trio of good startup businesses in 1337 Ventures which has just announced their Top 10 teams out of 74 hopefuls for theVentures and Amanz Media will invest in the most promising startups as seed funding. All the Top 10 startups can expect thousands of dollars in digital credits and infrastructure. ten and one finalist earn their way to compete in ASDA 2021 Demo Day.  Alpha’s startup launch in 2014.  105 startups were involvedAsda is an annual program that 1337 Ventures has been running since 2014 to help founders go from idea to product and accelerate their startup. The top 15 representatives from our first batch of the Alpha Startups Digital Accelerator take a look at their startup ideas. Avenew is a property buy & sell platform that allows property owners/seekers to transact directly on low fees, and manage the transactionTwo. BlueDuck is a product from the software company Proptech. The number 3 is.



MDEC Partnering With Professionals Like 1337 Ventures:

In the view of MDEC as the leading digital economy agency in Malaysia, MDEC will always strive to support and create a conducive ecosystem forThrough effective collaborations with the private sector such as 1337 Ventures, we continue to share our expertise and know how to mentor companies.  From pitchingGopi Ganesalingam, senior vice president, Tech Ecosystems & Globalisation, MDEC, is addressing this crucial ifThe same sentiment was echoed by the CEO of Digital Penang, adding that “Digital Penang believes in partnering with professionals like 1337 VentureWe are looking for the trifecta of a good startup business and that is Desirability because that is something that the market wants and needs. ‘Viability’ focuses on business models, sustainability, and market size. Malaysia will always strive to provide a conducive environment for our startup industry to prosper. Our expertship and knowledge in mentoring companies is shared by us despite effective collaborations with the private sector, such as 1337 Ventures. This will be a critical aspect as we work towards economic recovery for the nation, in line with the goals of the 12th Malaysia Plan and My DigitalThe CEO of Digital Penang, Tony Yeoh, echoed the sentiment.  He stated that Digital Penang believes in partnering with professionals suchWe are looking for the trifecta of a good startup business, Desirability.  That is something the market wants and needs. Viability is an approach that looks at business models, sustainability, and market size. The decision we made to pick the final 10 was tough, in my opinion. The judges took note of the quality of the startups, making them shortlist one additional team instead of ten others to compete. The ASDA 2021 Demo Day is open to the public via Zoom between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday, the 22nd of May. The program has preseed funding of RM50,000, and US$86,000 in digital credits from AWS, FreshWorks, Airtable,The ultimate SEO Content Editor that saves hours of content ideation and writing timeYou can do more with fewer writers and score higher with lower costs. The SEO process is enhanced by AI-assisted content writing. A realtime automated monitoring system is provided by ConnStruct. That is five. Malaysians love eating healthy foods, it’s made by Feedsy.  They enjoy them guilt free. Guruship, Edutech, has created a tutoring management system to assist tutors in their business activities. There are seven. Healtopedia brings hundreds of health and wellness screenings. There is 8 out there. Internspoon, an online social internship platform, matches interns to employers is brought to you by Educational Technology.  Internspoon is aThat is nine. Moissanite [fashion design] is a brilliant alternative to diamond, it was created by Moissanite. A total of ten. A nanobar [Hardware] is a tiny vending machine that can be placed on any tabletop. A physical store allows one to make a purchase on the spot. I’m eleven.



SnappEd is a mobile app that helps teachers, students and parents manage school tasks.:

Harvast-treated crops have shown resilience to drought. Additionally, our technology can help indoor farms to reduce their energy consumption by 40%. The mobile app SnappEd is very useful when assisting teachers, students, and parents in managing school tasks. School tasks are now simple with SnappEd. Harvast treated crops have demonstrated that they can withstand drought. Additionally, it can help indoor farms to reduce their energy consumption by 40%. SnappEd uses a mobile app that helps teachers, students and parents manage school tasks. The SparkFit platform, the personal training marketplace, allows people to easily find personal trainers and engage them. It was as suppioneous. Twelve. Ränt is intended for organizations that want to replace infrequent and ineffective surveys with a realtime, crowdsourced and permanent feedback strategy. Number thirteen. It’s the company Spargo Eats that created the ‘feel good Malaysian delights. ‘The number is 14. The dish based food review community aims to connect food enthusiasts to tasty foods offered by restaurants.